The most popular songs on Shazam

The most popular songs on Shazam respond to an algorithm that detects the most requested songs in the world.

The free platform has a mechanism that detects the music that is playing around, providing the listener with the name of the song and the artist.

In addition to suggesting the most popular songs on Shazam, similar to those it has previously recognized, it helps grow the music library.

While the most popular songs on Shazam, like other platforms, allow to know the most important hits of the moment, the charts of the most analyzed or “shazamed” songs can give an idea of the innovative rhythms that people are liking.

They can also give an idea of what might be on the top charts.

On a weekly basis, Shazam shows the top of the most listened to by dozens of consumers.

These are the most popular songs on Shazam during the last week:

1.- Benson Boone – Beautiful Things

2.- FloyyMenor & Cris Mj – Gata Only

3.- Artemas – i like the way you kiss me

4.- Disturbed – The Sound of Silence (CYRIL Remix)

5.- Tommy Richman – Million Dollar Baby (Vhs)

6.- Teddy Swims – Lose Control

7.- Jaxomy, Agatino Romero & Raffaella Carrà – Pedro

8.- Hozier – Too Sweet

9.- CYRIL – Stumblin’ In

10.- фрози – kompa pasión

The most popular songs on Shazam: How to Search

To locate a song with the application requires following a few simple steps from a mobile device.

1.- First you must purchase the free app from the Apple or Android store.

Then you must open the application and press the Shazam button when the song you want to locate is playing.

3.- You have to wait for Shazam to finish the audio fingerprinting and compare it with its database of millions of songs.

4.- Finally, the app will show the name of the artist and the melody on the screen.

Remember that Shazam is one of the most recognized applications of its kind, providing song recognition service since 2002, by dialing “2580” and placing the phone as close as possible to the sound source.

In 2008 it was one of the first applications available for Apple’s App Store, eventually it could also be downloaded from Google’s Play Store for tablets, smartphones and smart watches. It currently has close to one billion users and offers millions of results. It also has a Google extension for PC.

It should be noted that, in addition to finding music, it allows “shazamming” TV programs, announcing special offers and information on the best sellers of the moment.

On the other hand, it offers the lyrics of the requested songs, being able to synchronize them with streaming applications such as Spotify or iCloud.


For example, every year, the platform broadcasts the most popular songs on Shazam during this period.

Apple Music, Shazam’s parent company, published the list with the most Shazammed songs of 2023, where the top was led by the track “Calm Down” by Nigerian artist Rema.

In the top 25 most popular songs on Shazam, we had Miley Cyrus and Sam Smith who absolutely smashed it with new releases.

Or even Lady Gaga, who without having released an album, made the list thanks to the viral “Bloody Mary” that went viral with the premiere of Merlina on Netflix.

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