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Chicago stereotypes

What are some Chicago stereotypes?

Chicago is one of those cities that stand out from the rest and many people say that its inhabitants are very friendly and its architecture impresses everyone, but do you…

many people love Chicago

Why do so many people love Chicago?

Chicago is the most famous city in the state of Illinois and its skyscrapers, jazz and house music, gastronomy and breathtaking view of Lake Michigan make it a very attractive…

can you tell someone is from Chicago

How can you tell someone is from Chicago?

Many are the people who dream of visiting the windy city, and this metropolis is quite popular among Americans and foreigners, especially for its architecture, gastronomy, inhabitants and of course,…


part of L.A. is affordable

Which part of L.A. is affordable?

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive areas in the United States, however, there are many people who want to live in this county so popular for its link…

cheaper than NYC

Is  LA cheaper than NYC?

If you dream of fulfilling the American dream surely among your options are two of the most cosmopolitan and important cities in the U.S., here we will tell you Is…


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