David Beckham sues actor Mark Wahlberg ¿Why?

In a news that has caught the attention of the entertainment world in general, David Beckham sues actor Mark Wahlberg.

Yes, David Beckham sued actor Mark Wahlberg and his investment group after alleging losses in excess of £8.5 million (approximately €10 million) in a deal with fitness brand F45.

The litigation, in which David Beckham sues actor Mark Wahlberg, which also involves the company’s founders Adam Gilchrist and Rob Deutsch, centers on a disagreement over shares that the former Real Madrid footballer, among other clubs, claims he was promised.

But those gains were delivered to him too late, when their value had already dropped dramatically.

The dispute dates back to when the English soccer legend became a global ambassador for Australian brand F45 in November 2020.

In that regard, Beckham, was promoting the brand and sharing posts on his Instagram, which were later deleted, about using the brand’s equipment and workouts.

David Beckham Ventures Ltd (DBVL), the former player’s firm, alleges that they committed to share shares with him in early 2022, but the issuance of these shares was delayed.

But, by the time they were realized, their value had fallen from around $12 per share to $3 per share.

David Beckham sues actor Mark Wahlberg ¿Why?

The allegations claim that this delay resulted in a loss of revenue potential of up to £8.5 million for David Beckham.

The defendants, Wahlberg and his group along with the founders of F45, asked the judge to dismiss the allegations, defining them as baseless “fraudulent conduct.”

In response, Beckham’s legal representatives detailed the unfulfilled promises and considerable financial losses suffered on his part due to the manipulation of the stock agreement.

But David Beckham sues actor Mark Wahlberg, under a broader backdrop of difficulties with the brand, which has seen its stock price decline significantly from its initial value of $16 per share, with a current value of just 15 cents on the dollar, according to the most recent market data.

The company experienced franchise closures in several countries, including its native Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The bond between David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg grew stronger after the former moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to join the Major League Soccer team, LA Galaxy, becoming close neighbors and friends in Beverly Hills.

The relationship between the two celebrities, once marked by friendship and professional collaboration, was marred by this legal dispute that underscores the risks and challenges in the world of fitness business and celebrity investing.

Mark Wahlberg became a minority shareholder of F45 in 2019 after acquiring a stake through his investment group, a decision motivated by his commitment and interest in the fitness industry.

However, this court dispute raises questions about business practices and the reliability of promises made in the realm of celebrity-brand investments and collaborations.

As detailed by tabloids such as Daily Mail and The Sun regarding David Beckham suing actor Mark Wahlberg, the legal representatives of both parties, Beckham and Wahlberg, were contacted for comment, but did not provide further details.

It should be recalled that the English soccer legend recently won a 240 million pound lawsuit against sellers who counterfeited his DB Ventures products and sold them through sites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy.


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