The level of education in Florida is the third lowest in the United States

The level of education in Florida is the third lowest in the nation according to a recently published report.

In the United States, where a solid education is considered a key indicator of economic, social and cultural success.

In that sense, Florida’s education level is the third lowest, considered one of the least educated populations, according to a recent study by the college scholarship platform, Scholaroo.

The results of the analysis place Massachusetts, Minnesota and Connecticut as the leaders in the highest education levels in the United States.

The study, which evaluated the 50 states on two key elements: the number of individuals who successfully completed their studies and the quality of educational institutions, reveals that Florida ranks 48th overall.

This represents a 12-place drop from the previous edition of the company’s report.

The level of education in Florida is the third lowest, second only to two states in the nation.

The methodology employed by the analysts consisted of evaluating 19 relevant metrics, ranging from the apprenticeship ratio to the literacy rate to the number of colleges and the college graduation rate.

Florida scored a total of 42 on a scale where 100 represents the best educational conditions.


The level of education in Florida is the third lowest in the nation

Among the most notable findings, Florida exhibits the lowest percentage of adults with partial college experience nationally.

This last indicator, without a doubt, reiterates that the level of education in Florida is the third lowest in the nation.

It also has the lowest proportion of apprentices per 100,000 inhabitants and ranks as the eighth state with the lowest percentage of high school graduates who go directly to college.

This southern state, which already ranked 42nd in a previous Scholaroo report in 2023, is home to 74 school districts, corresponding to the state’s 67 counties.

These districts comprise a variety of school types, from public education institutions to private establishments.

The researchers note that, in the United States, individuals with college degrees generally earn approximately $26,000 more per year compared to those who have only completed high school.

These data underscore the importance of higher education in today’s socioeconomic context.

States with the highest education levels

Massachusetts leads the list as the state with the highest education index in the country, according to Scholaroo, which ranks it highest in terms of educational attainment. This state scored 81, standing out with the highest college graduation rate.

In second place is Minnesota with 75 points. This state, known as the land of 10,000 lakes, boasts the fourth highest literacy rate.

Connecticut ranks third in terms of educated population, with a score of 72, followed by Virginia in fourth place with an evaluation of 69 points.

Fifth place goes to Pennsylvania, the Liberty Bell state, with a score of 67 points.

The states that complete the top 10

6. Vermont with 67 points

7. Nebraska with 67 points

8. Missouri with 66 points

9. Illinois with 66 points

10. Maryland with 65 points

The 10 states with the lowest level of education

  • South Carolina in 41st place
  • Arizona 42nd
  • Florida 42nd
  • Nevada 43rd
  • Alabama ranked 44th
  • Oklahoma ranked 45th
  • Texas 46th
  • Idaho 47th
  • Mississippi 49th
  • New Mexico 50th

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