The Islamic State is ordering more attacks in the West

The Islamic State is ordering more attacks in the West, especially on so-called “lone wolves” who cohabit these countries.

In this regard, the Islamic State jihadist group has called on lone wolves Thursday to carry out massacres against Christians and Jews.

The Islamic State is ordering more attacks in the West during the month of Ramadan, citing the United States, Israel and Europe.

Islamic State revealed details of Moscow bombing plot and the unforeseen event that forced the perpetrators to flee

The spokesman for the terrorist group, Abu Hudhayfa al Ansari, welcomed the attack on the concert hall in Crocus City Hall, on the western outskirts of Moscow.

The attack left 143 people dead and around 200 wounded, according to Russian authorities.

In a 41-minute voice message broadcast on Telegram, the spokesman sent a “reminder message” to Muslims and said that what is being done now to Muslims in Gaza is “what brothers in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sinai (Egypt) and Yemen have suffered twice as much a few years ago.”


The Islamic State is ordering more attacks

The Islamic State orders more attacks in the West as a form of pressure to generate more terrorism worldwide.

 “We thank the soldiers of the caliphate for your efforts and pray to God that you succeed in reaching the lands of Palestine to fight the Jews face to face in a religious war that will finish them all. In this regard, we urge the lone wolves to target Jews and crusaders everywhere, especially in the United States and Europe,” he said in the Arabic-language message distributed by the group’s propaganda arm, Al Furqan.

He described the war in Gaza as a “wound of the Muslims“, in which the struggle is needed “and not only slogans and slogans”, according to the speech, also published on the occasion of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Likewise, to commemorate ten years since the establishment of the “caliphate”, which was self-proclaimed at the end of June by its first leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

The Islamic State is ordering more attacks in the West and reminded that it is not just about protests, action would have to be taken.

 “And the fight against the Jews is not fulfilled if not with the fight against their allies: the infidels and the crusaders everywhere. Starting from that we have started the united invasion launched to support our families in Gaza and which represents the brotherhood among the faithful”, he indicated.

The message in Arabic, disseminated by the usual propaganda channels of the jihadist group, has been confirmed by SITE Intelligence Group, an agency specialized in tracking terrorist groups.

Al Ansari assured that he does not need to “give explanations” about the attack in Moscow last Friday because Russia is a country that “always fought against Muslims”, in reference to its intervention in Syria since 2015.

This is a clear statements the “Islamic State orders more attacks in the West” and we must prepare.

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged on Monday that the attack was the work of “radical Islamists”, although he opened the door to speculation after assuring that it was necessary to investigate “who benefits” from the attack, alluding to possible links of the detainees to Ukraine.

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