Popularity between Trump and Biden: Latest Poll

The popularity between Trump and Biden remains in a close fight, despite the fact that the billionaire politician is still ahead.

Biden significantly narrowed the electoral gap with Trump in as many as six key states, in two of them significantly, falling just 3% behind the tycoon.

The popularity numbers between Trump and Biden are revealed by a latest poll conducted by Morning Consult for Bloomberg News.

The work focused on seven key swing states in the upcoming November elections: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Overall, the poll shows popularity between Trump and Biden, with a margin still in favor of the Republican, and he still leads in the seven swing states, with 47% of voters.

On the other hand, in the popularity battle between Trump and Biden, most voters who think highly of Nikki Haley – the last candidate to lead the Republican party before her recent dropout – said they will vote for Trump in November.

However, it is also noted how Biden is gaining ground on the Republican in these key states.

Popularity between Trump and Biden: Latest Poll

The incumbent President of the United States trails Trump closely, with 43% of the electorate who would vote for him.

In Wisconsin the Democrat is ahead of the tycoon albeit narrowly (46% for the Democrat and 45%), but it has meant a big increase after he was four points behind last month. In addition, both candidates are tied with 45% in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Although it is also worth noting that in other states, Trump is somewhat further behind Biden, such as the states of Nevada (46% vs. 44%), Arizona (48% vs. 43%), North Carolina (49% vs. 43%) and Georgia (49% vs. 42%).

But Biden does not seem to be giving up and is trying to reverse the polls in these states. Just this Tuesday, Biden visited North Carolina with his vice-president Kamala Harris to convince the most undecided voters.


Higher taxes on millionaires.

Another aspect to analyze in the popularity between Trump and Biden is that up to 69% of registered voters in seven swing states favor higher taxes on billionaires.

Taxing the wealthy has always been a position of the more progressive electorate, but paradoxically it also has strong support among those who prefer Trump.

But the one who seems to have already taken note has been Biden, who already advanced in the State of the Union address his proposal to levy additional taxes on large corporations and high-income earners over the next ten years to raise up to $5 trillion.


Specifically, the U.S. president proposed to increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, while for billionaires he advocated a minimum tax of 25%. However, this would not be possible if Congress remains in the hands of the Republicans: “I may not be able to do it, but if you give me Congress I will do it,” Biden said a few weeks ago.

Another factor is that Biden is still facing a campaign marked by political tension and the ‘punishment vote’, as could be seen on Super Tuesday, where in many states there was a large percentage of ‘uncommitted’ votes – an equivalent to the blank vote – due to his lack of action in the face of the genocide perpetuated in Gaza.

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