According to Morning Consult: Most Popular Presidents in the World

A report has revealed the most popular presidents in the world and their good or bad performance in the last year.

Meanwhile, in the United States, one of the most recurring themes in the current electoral campaign in the United States is the low popularity of President Joe Biden and what this implies for his possible reelection next November.

According to the 538 polls average, seven months before the elections, the Democrat has a pyrrhic 39 percent of popular support, undoubtedly one of the most popular presidents in the world, but not the place where he would like to be.

In this regard, it is the lowest approval rating for a U.S. president at this point in his term for many years.

But on the list of the most popular presidents in the world, it’s not just Joe Bidem who is a casualty.

In fact, compared to the others, the U.S. president doesn’t look nearly as dismal.


Most Popular Presidents in the World

According to a global poll, conducted monthly by Morning Consult, Biden ranks ninth among a group of 25 leaders of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere.

The list of the most popular presidents in the world is headed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with 78 percent approval.

He is followed by Andrés Manuel Pérez Obrador (Mexico) with 63 percent, Javier Milei (Argentina) with 62 percent, Viola Amheard (Switzerland) with 56 percent, and Joe Biden at the bottom of the list.


These five, by the way, are the only ones on the list to obtain more than 50 percent approval.

They are followed by Anthony Albanese (Australia), with 48 percent, Giorgia Meloni (Italy) 43 percent, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil) 43 percent, Biden (39 percent) and Pedro Sánchez (Spain) 38 percent.

This group of presidents completes the top of the most popular presidents in the world according to Morning Consult.

Presidents in the top 20

Next on the list are Alexander de Croo (Belgium), 38 percent, Ulf Kristersson (Sweden) 36 percent, Leo Varadkar (Ireland) 35 percent, Justin Trudeau (Canada) 35 percent, Recep Erdogan (Turkey) 34 percent, Karl Nehammer (Austria) 30 percent, Mark Rutte (Netherlands) 29 percent, Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa) 28 percent Rishi Sunak (United Kingdom) 26 percent, and Yoon Seok-youl (South Korea) 25 percent.

The bottom 5 on the list, and the lowest rated, are Jonas Gahr (Norway), 24 percent, Emmanuel Macron (France) 23 percent, Olaf Sholz (Germany) 22 percent, Petr Fiala (Czech Republic) 17 percent, and Fumio Kishida (Japan) 17 percent.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro was not included in the evaluation.

But if he had been, his 42 percent approval rating would have placed him in eighth position, just after Lula da Silvia and one place above Biden.

The list -and his placement on it- does not reflect the political orientation of the ruler because, just as there are left and right-wing leaders among the most popular, there are also among the least popular.

And although conditions in each country vary, the authors of the sample argue that global dissatisfaction with the leaders in power is due to four factors that are not necessarily related to the successes or failures of their government.

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