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Joe Biden’s performance in presidential debate: International controversy

Joe Biden’s performance in presidential debate has set off alarm bells about the precarious situation of the President of the United States.

What is a public secret, everything indicates that Biden is not at his best moment to aspire to the presidency of the United States.

Joe Biden’s performance in the presidential debate prompted a reaction from the European media on Friday, June 28.

Joe Biden’s performance in the presidential debate is not an isolated event, since the president’s last mental lapse was precisely in front of European presidents.

Overall, the European media highlighted the precarious position in which U.S. Democrats now find themselves, with newspapers and journalists indicating that Democrats are calling on Biden to step aside from the campaign after his performance.


Joe Biden’s performance in presidential debate

British tabloids The Sun, The Mirror and Daily Mail lambasted Biden’s conduct at the debate, claiming it was a “disaster” for the president as he appeared “confused” during the debate.

“Joe-Matoso: Disaster for ‘confused’ Biden as he stumbles and freezes during debate with Trump as top Democrats call for him to step aside,” headlined British tabloid The Sun.

Italian newspapers Ansa and La Repubblica shared a similar tone to some British dailies criticizing Biden’s debate performance saying Democrats are now in “severe panic” and are “looking for an alternative.”

French newspapers reiterated similar headlines, with Le Monde’s French-language daily saying Biden was “choking” during the debate and Libération saying he has sown “panic” adding that the debate was “doubly disastrous.”

Joe Biden’s performance in the presidential debate is a talking point throughout the Western media.

Greece also remained critical of Biden saying that last night’s debate became a referendum for the U.S. president.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who is reportedly on former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential short list, said on “CNN This Morning” that “I think anybody who has the opportunity to serve in a position like that at a time like this should be honored by it.”

Rubio attempted to quell speculation by detailing that “no one has told me I’m on any short list.”

Mitch Landrieu, co-chair of the Biden campaign, said that President Joe Biden “started off slow last night,” but that when former President Donald Trump was speaking “basically everything he said was a lie.”

According to certain sources, Democratic leaders are not planning a direct intervention to pressure President Joe Biden to leave office after his widely criticized performance in last night’s debate, according to multiple Democratic sources.

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