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Mexico decided to break off relations with Ecuador

After the raid on the Mexican embassy, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador decided to break off relations with Ecuador.

In a tense night that culminated with the arrest of former vice-president Jorge Glas, Mexico decided to break relations with Ecuador.

After the unusual burst of police and military of Ecuador in the Mexican embassy, the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, announced to break relations with Ecuador.

But in addition to breaking relations with Ecuador, AMLO announced that he will take the situation to the International Court.

Regarding the events at the Mexican embassy in Ecuador, several troops climbed walls and fences of the diplomatic headquarters and then left the residence, which was denounced by the head of Foreign Affairs and Political Affairs of the Embassy, Roberto Canseco, as something “totally unacceptable”.


The Government of Ecuador entered the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador on Friday night and arrested Jorge Glas, former vice president of Rafael Correa (2007-2017), after the Mexican Government had granted him the political asylum he had requested, which led President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to announce the suspension of diplomatic relations with the Andean country.

The Ecuadorian National Police climbed the walls of the Mexican diplomatic headquarters to capture Glas, who was under a preventive detention order for a case of alleged corruption in which he is currently being prosecuted.

Unheard of: Mexico decided to break off relations with Ecuador

The images have gone around the world, where several policemen climbed walls and fences of the Mexican embassy in Ecuador and then left the residence.

The event was denounced by the head of Foreign Affairs and Political Affairs of the Embassy, Roberto Canseco, as something “totally unacceptable, it is barbaric”.

Canseco related in declarations to journalists that the Ecuadorian policemen burst into the Embassy and assaulted the guard staff of the diplomatic headquarters.

“Like criminals they raided the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador. This is not possible. It can’t be. It’s crazy,” he said visibly upset before expressing his concern for Glas “because they can kill him.”

 “There is no basis to do this,” he asserted, indicating that there was no prior warning about the entry of the police.

“This is out of all norms, and they are doing it because (Glas) is a persecuted person, as we can see today,” he said.

In this regard, minutes after the Ecuadorian government confirmed in a statement on social networks the arrest of Glas, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador on social networks to denounce “a flagrant violation of international law and the sovereignty of Mexico”.

“I have instructed our foreign minister (Alicia Bárcena) to issue a statement on this authoritarian act, proceed legally and immediately declare the suspension of diplomatic relations with the Government of Ecuador”, announced López Obrador.

The entry of the Ecuadorian authorities to the Mexican Embassy and the subsequent arrest of Glas took place at a moment of maximum tension in the relations between both countries, after the Government of the Ecuadorian President, Daniel Noboa, had expelled the Mexican ambassador for some statements made by López Obrador, regarding the murder of the candidate Fernando Villavicencio and the effect on the elections won by the young businessman, 36 years old.

For weeks, the idea of Noboa’s government was to enter the Mexican Embassy to arrest Glas, and for that purpose they asked permission to Ambassador Raquel Serur at the end of February, but it was denied.

In a statement, the Government of Ecuador affirmed that “no criminal can be considered a political persecuted” and that Glas “has been convicted with a final sentence and had an arrest warrant issued by the competent authorities”.

In the case of Glas, the former vice president had arrived at the end of December 2023 at the Embassy of Mexico, after being charged for alleged embezzlement of funds in the ‘Reconstruction’ case of the province of Manabi, after the strong earthquake of 2016.

Glas, who at the end of 2022 was released after serving five years in prison for two convictions for bribery and illicit association of eight and six years in prison, respectively, is being prosecuted for alleged embezzlement (embezzlement) in the ‘Reconstruction’ case of the coastal province of Manabí after the 2016 earthquake.

The former vice president, who considers himself innocent and a persecuted political victim of ‘lawfare’, arrived at the Mexican Embassy in Quito when there was still no arrest warrant for him, and at the beginning of this year a judge ordered his capture and placed him in pre-trial detention.

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