Australia’s government has confronted Elon Musk: ¿Why?

Australia’s government has confronted Elon Musk over a publication showing a violent incident in Sydney.

The video that went viral where a subject stabs a bishop several times in one of Sydney has not been well received by the Australian government.

In this regard, the authorities called on the social network X to remove the publication, but it has refused.

In this regard, the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, has directly confronted Elon Musk, owner of the social network X, formerly Twitter, whom he has called “arrogant billionaire” for refusing to remove a video of the stabbing of a bishop in Sydney.

Australia’s government has confronted Elon Musk and is seeking to pressure him to take down the video.

The country’s Justice ordered the social network to remove the recording, but the tycoon refuses to abide by the order that he has branded as “censorship”.

The Australian government is confronting Elon Musk and through the country’s own laws, they hope to achieve the removal of the publication.

Musk has advanced that he will appeal the Australian court order. The Australian Federal Court on Monday gave the platform 24 hours to remove the videos in which an Assyrian bishop is repeatedly stabbed during an attack in a Sydney suburb.


Australia’s government has confronted Elon Musk: Why?

The Australian eSafety Commission sought the injunction after X ignored its previous requests.

Musk lashed out at the commission on Tuesday by claiming that the content had already been removed for users in Australia.

“We already censored the content in question in Australia, pending legal appeal, and it is only available to servers in the United States,” Musk posted on X. In his view, Australia is attempting to enforce global censorship.

“Our concern is that ANY country can censor content for ALL countries, as demanded by the Australian ‘eSecurity Commissioner,’” the mogul added wryly. If so, he said, “what would prevent any country from controlling the entire Internet?”

The issue will return to court this week in Australia, where a judge will decide whether to extend the temporary order.

For his part, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese lashed out at Musk whom he branded an “arrogant billionaire” who “thinks he is above the law.”

“For someone to go to court to defend the right to upload violent content on a platform shows how out of touch Mr. Musk is,” Albanese told ABC public television.

In a subsequent series of online posts, Musk wrote: “I’d like to take a moment to thank the prime minister for informing the public that this platform is the only truthful one.” Another depicted a Wizard of Oz-style path to “freedom” leading to an X logo.

Earlier, he also personally criticized eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, describing her as the “Australian censorship commissioner.”


Albanese defended Inman Grant, saying she was protecting Australians.

Social media should have social responsibility. Mr. Musk shows none,” he said.

X and the eSafety Commissioner are already involved in legal proceedings over the platform’s alleged failure to disclose how it tracks and removes online child abuse material.

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