¿Who is Kristel Candelario? the Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life imprisonment

¿Who is Kristel Candelario? The Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life imprisonment after leaving her baby alone to go on vacation.

The Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life imprisonment received the rejection of the whole society when she was found guilty for the death of her baby, only 16 months old.

But who is Kristel Candelario? She is a 32-year-old Ecuadorian woman, who was sentenced this Monday to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in Cleveland, United States.

This was announced in a press release by Cuyahoga County District Attorney Michael C. O’Malley.

The Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life imprisonment was accused of several crimes.


The Ecuadorian Kristel Candelario was accused of murder charges for leaving her 16-month-old daughter alone for 10 days while she was on vacation in Detroit and Puerto Rico, which ended in the baby’s death, the investigation determined.

“Today we remember Jailyn, a beautiful baby girl who was taken from this world because of her mother’s unimaginable selfishness,” said U.S. Attorney Michael C. O’Malley.

Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life imprisonment: A story of cruelty

About the Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life in prison, she decided to go on vacation for 10 days and let her daughter starve to death in her Pack-N-Play.

In the view of the authorities “it is a new low in parental care“.

On June 6, 2023, Kristel Candelario left her 16-month-old daughter alone and unattended at her residence near Lorain Avenue and West 97th Street in Cleveland, a statement from the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office reported at the time of the indictment.

“He was out until June 16, 2023, around 8 a.m. local time. Upon returning, Candelario found her 16-month-old daughter unconscious and called the police.”

The Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life imprisonment, when they arrived at the home, declared the baby dead, who was “extremely dehydrated”, according to the statement.

The child was found in a Pack-N-Play pen “wrapped in a soiled liner with urine and feces with soiled blankets,” the statement said.

Candelario was indicted on charges of aggravated manslaughter, two counts of murder, felonious assault and child endangerment.

During the trial, Cuyahoga County Deputy District Attorney Anna Faraglia played a security video of the mother loading her suitcase into a car on June 6 and returning home on June 16. Minutes after her return, Candelario called 911.


Hiding the crime

 “Please, I need help,” she wailed in a 911 call played during sentencing.

“Please, please, please help me. My daughter is dying,” said the Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life in prison.

Candelario had dressed Jailyn in a clean suit before emergency services arrived, the prosecutor said.

But the change of clothes did not hide the horrors the girl had been through, and Candelario’s sob story began to crumble.

Faraglia said Jailyn was found lying on a mattress covered in urine and feces. “Animals take better care of their young,” she said.

The girl was emaciated, with sunken eyes, dry lips and fecal matter in her mouth and fingernails. She weighed seven pounds less than at her last doctor’s visit two months earlier, Mooney said.

The parents of the Ecuadorian woman sentenced to life in prison asked the judge for clemency.

In a prepared statement, her mother, Ketty Torres, said her daughter had struggled with health problems, including mental illness and fainting spells. When her daughter stopped taking medication, her depression and anxiety worsened and contributed to her inability to make sound decisions, she added.


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