The United States attacked Yemen’s Houthi rebels

The United States attacked Yemen’s Houthi rebels, and they responded by launching ballistic and cruise missiles against an aircraft carrier.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed Friday, May 31, that they responded by launching ballistic and cruise missiles at the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea.

The response comes after the United States attacked Houthi rebels in Yemen, the attack was supported by the United Kingdom, leaving at least 16 people dead in the Yemeni province of Hodeidah.

While the attack on the U.S. aircraft carrier still remains unanswered.

The military spokesman for the Houthis in Yemen, Yahya Sarea, said in a statement that the Iranian-backed movement carried out an attack “which targeted the US aircraft carrier Eisenhower in the Red Sea” and included the launching of “several ballistic and cruise missiles”.

“The impact was precise and direct,” assured the spokesman, who noted that this assault was “part of the response to the U.S. and British aggression” against Houthi positions in Yemen and in support of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The United States attacked Yemen’s Houthi rebels

So far, the United States has not reacted to this claim and the status of the aircraft carrier, one of the most important military ships in the U.S. naval fleet, is unknown.

The rebel movement claimed the attack after the Houthi television channel ‘Al-Masirah’ reported that at least 16 people were killed and 35 wounded by U.S. and British attacks in the Yemeni province of Hodeidah on Friday.


The U.S. attacked Houthi rebels in Yemen as a move to open the Red Sea passage for ships seeking access through the Suez Canal.

Sarea said that civilians were among the victims, without providing further details.

On the other hand, they said, the U.S. attack hit a building housing the Radio Hodeida radio station and civilian homes in the port city.

Its satellite news channel Al Masirah broadcast images of a bloodied man being evacuated down a flight of stairs and others being treated at a hospital.

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