Multiple stabbing at a shopping mall in Australia: Tragedy

On April 13, a Multiple stabbing at a shopping mall in Australia resulted in the death of six people.

The Australian police reported on Saturday, a multiple stabbing occurred in a shopping center in Australia, six people lost their lives and several more were injured.

The incident took place in a shopping mall in Sydney, Australia. Even a month-old child was a victim of the attack.

The situation occurred in a busy shopping area in Sydney, at the Bondi Shopping Center.

The multiple stabbing at a shopping mall in Australia began shortly before 16:00 local time when a person armed with a knife burst into the mall and proceeded to attack people, causing the immediate evacuation of the building.

Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Cooke confirmed that the suspect acted alone, but did not elaborate on his motives.

Police are investigating whether the multiple stabbing at a shopping mall in Australia is a terrorist attack.

The country’s Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, was informed of what happened and sent his condolences to those affected by the incident.

The Council of Waverley, the district of Sydney where the incident took place, indicated on the social network X that emergency services went to the well-known shopping center Westfield Bondi Junction “after reports that several people were stabbed”.


Multiple stabbing at a shopping mall in Australia: Tragedy

According to state-run ABC television, the New South Wales Ambulance Service said the multiple stabbing at a shopping mall in Australia left at least seven people attacked, including a nine-month-old baby.

All were taken to nearby hospitals.

According to Australian media, hundreds of people were evacuated from the mall after the attack took place, while images on social media showed people leaving the scene in a hurry as police vehicles and ambulances arrived.

Reece Kershaw, commissioner of the Australian Police, said it is “too early to determine a motive” and warned that it would be “futile to speculate” at this time.

“Having spoken to the New South Wales police commissioner, at this time it is too early to give that assessment. However, all the agencies, the appropriate agencies, are working together to make that assessment,” he commented.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese echoed the multiple stabbing at a shopping mall in Australia.


“I think the commissioner has made it clear that speculation would be futile at this point. We should let the investigators get on with their work. The motive at this time is unknown and we will, of course, continue to update the public as more information becomes known.”

On another note, she praised the bravery of the policewoman who shot the attacker and said she herself was involved in “the obviously very dangerous procedure that was taking place.”

“She is undoubtedly a hero. There’s no question that she saved lives with her action. And it’s a reminder that those people who wear the uniform are people who run toward danger, not away from it. And I thank all of them, each one of them, for the actions they have taken so far and the actions they will take in the coming days, which will also be a difficult period. Thank you,” he remarked.

When asked if Australians should be afraid of other attacks that could be related to this one, Albanese said that it seems that the attacker has acted alone.

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