Raid of the Peruvian president’s house

The raid of the Peruvian president’s house leaves the way open for the impeachment of the Peruvian president.

The raid of the Peruvian president’s house took place as a result of a warrant issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for alleged illicit enrichment.

What triggered the whole process were the publications of the Rolex watches worn by Dina Boluarte.

The Peruvian Public Prosecutor’s Office and the High Complexity Crimes Investigation Division (Diviac) raided on Friday night, March 29, the home of President Dina Boluarte, located in the district of Surquillo, west of the city of Lima, reports RPP.

The raid on the house of the Peruvian president comes in the midst of political tension, once again, in this Latin American country.

According to the first information, the raid of the Peruvian president’s house is for search and seizure purposes, due to a judicial resolution on alleged illicit enrichment and omission to declare in documents the use of luxurious Rolex watches.

So far, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has not made any statement on the matter.


Raid of the Peruvian president’s house: Scandal

Photos and videos of their intervention in the president’s home are circulating in social networks. According to the images published by local media, the agents, seeing that the door was not opened, decided to break it in order to gain access and proceed with the investigation.

After several hours of searching, the Public Prosecutor’s Office personnel arrived at the Government Palace, where the President is currently staying.

The president’s lawyer, Joseph Campos, described as “absolutely unconstitutional” the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office due to the search of the Peruvian president’s house.

On Wednesday, prosecutors were unable to enter the residence to conduct an inspection of the president’s watches and jewelry, as they were denied access. In addition, Boluarte’s defense requested a new date for his deposition in relation to this matter.

Last week, Boluarte assured that he is “not afraid” of the possible vacancy motion that will be presented against him in the Congress of the Republic due to the scandal. “It would be the second vacancy motion,” he recalled.


But with the search of the Peruvian president’s house, the political path to the vacancy motion is imminent.

Boluarte thus responded to the announcement of the Peru Libre party, which announced on March 20 that it will present a new motion of vacancy against the president of the country for not having demonstrated the origin and the way in which she obtained her watch.

In addition, the leader affirmed in mid-March that everything she has is the result of her years of work. “What I want to say not to the biased news, but to the whole of Peru: ‘I have been working since I was 18 years old and what I have is the fruit of my effort and my work’,” Boluarte declared to the press.

He also warned that if Dina Boluarte does not offer explanations or refuses to resign, the Congress should initiate the process of vacancy against the Peruvian president.

Representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and personnel of the Division of Investigation of High Complexity Crimes (Diviac) raided on Friday night the house of the president-designate of Peru, Dina Boluarte, located in the west of the Peruvian capital as part of the investigations for alleged illicit enrichment.

Boluarte Zegarra would have worn at least three Rolex watches valued at more than S/84 thousand.

This panorama leads her to have several implications after evading proceedings since last Wednesday in the framework of the investigation for the alleged crime of illicit enrichment.

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