New song by Daddy Yankee

New song by Daddy Yankee confirms the new facet of the singer, who with Donante de Sangre hopes to leave an accurate message.

Donante de Sangre is Daddy Yankee’s new song, which also includes a music video.

Daddy Yankee has not completely retired from music, and his new song confirms it.

In fact, he is now committed to using his talent and platform to send positive and encouraging messages.

This Good Friday, March 29, the “King of Reggaeton” released “Donante de Sangre,” a song dedicated to his faith and how Jesus transformed his life.

New song by Daddy Yankee is an ode of gratitude to God, in his process as a now Christian.

“Yo fui sanado con su sangre/ Libre camino por su sangre/ Soy diferente a lo que era antes,” sings the Puerto Rican artist born Raymond Ayala.

With New song by Daddy Yankee the Puerto Rican speaks about this new chapter in his life during his farewell concert in Puerto Rico last December, part of four consecutive shows called “La Meta”.

“All the tools I have in my power, such as music, social networks, platforms, a microphone, everything Jesus gave me, is now for the kingdom,” he promised his fans.


New song by Daddy Yankee

But, in addition, with Daddy Yankee’s new song, the singer hopes to invite thousands to the ways of God.

“I hope you walk with me in this new beginning, and I hope that something very important is engraved in your mind: Don’t follow any man. I am a human. To all the people who followed me, follow Jesus Christ, He is the way, the truth and the life”.

Puerto Rican singer Raymond Ayala, artistically known as Daddy Yankee, released a new song, this time a Christian reggaeton titled “Donante de sangre”.

Daddy Yankee’s new song marks a new stage in his life as an artist, it was released this Friday, March 29, in the middle of Holy Week, the most representative Christian holiday in the world.

In this way, the singer expressed that through the musical theme he intends to pay homage to the Judeo-Christian god, for which he assures he was redeemed and “saved”, besides recognizing that aspects such as ego, fame or money have no relevance in his current life.

“This Good Friday I pay homage to Jesus Christ in “Blood Donor”. Jesus has saved me and set me on a new path in this life,” the musician wrote on his YouTube account.

He added: “I was healed by his blood, I walk free by his blood and I am different from what I was before. The lyrics recognize that there are more important things in life than ego, fame and money”.

As recalled, the singer announced in 2022 that he had converted to Christianity, and it was not until December last year that the artist retired from classic reggaeton, this he did at the end of his tour “La Meta”, in Puerto Rico.

Yo fui sanado con su sangre / Libre camino por su sangre / Soy diferente a lo que era antes / Gracias a la gracia de mi Padre” (I was healed with his blood / Free I walk by his blood / I am different than I was before / Thanks to my Father’s grace“, says the song’s chorus.

New song by Daddy Yankee “Donante de sangre” lasts 3:42 minutes, its videoclip was recorded by director Isaac Reyes at El Cartel Records, in Puerto Rico.

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