The Ultimate Guide to Tipping in Cancun: Essential Tips for Travelers

Tipping in Cancun

When we go sightseeing we take into account all the expenses ahead, but sometimes, we forget a pleasure that says a lot about us, therefore, we will tell you the importance, in this case, of tipping in Cancun.

Cancun is one of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists from all over the world; it is a coastal region in the Mexican Caribbean, and for many, one of the top beaches in the world.

But tipping in Cancun is a fundamental issue, beyond the service provided by someone who already has a salary, it is a very formal way of saying: Thank you very much for your attention.

The tipping issue is so important that, for example, in Quintana Roo there have been protests among those who provide the service against those who deduct the service.

In Quintana Roo alone, some 300 hotels receive between 500,000 and one million pesos a week in tips depending on the number of rooms and category of the establishments.

For an idea about tips in Cancun, the most luxurious hotels collect up to 2.5 million pesos a week in donations to the worker.

Importance of tipping in Cancun

And all this explanation answers the question: Is it customary to tip in Cancun? Well yes, absolutely, it is almost like a rule.

It is important to remember that the salary in this area, as in other tourist regions, is not very attractive, in fact, sometimes a hotel worker earns more in tips than what he receives from his employer.

So, tipping in Cancun is a sign of respect, but it goes a long way to help an employee who goes out of his way to please the tourist.

Although tipping is customary in the United States, many are not sure how much or when to tip in Mexico.

In fact, there is even legislation where tips are split between the employer and the worker, of course, when receiving the tip through a digital platform or via credit card.

In 2023 there was an initiative that seeks to reform Article 346 of the Federal Labor Law in Mexico, in order to establish that employers may not reserve or have any participation in tips, or condition, under any circumstances, the delivery of tips.

Well, by now you should have a pretty clear idea about tipping in Cancun.

The custom of tipping in Cancun

Tipping in Cancun is a practice that has taken root in the region, due to the large presence of tourists from the United States, who, by tradition, tip the service provider between 10 to 20% of the amount consumed.

Tipping in Cancun is not a law, but it is a custom.

There is still no country in Latin America where tipping is mandatory, and Mexico is no exception.

But as an added fact, there are countries where tipping is mandatory, so the visit of tourists from these countries will be well reflected in the delivery of that extra pleasure.

Tipping is mandatory in Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, United Kingdom and Switzerland. In fact, this last European country established a law requiring the payment of 15% on service in cafes and restaurants.

Tipping in Cancun and its value in each area

As this is a guide based on general criteria and average weights, we will tell you in general terms, what should be the most appropriate tip according to the service or moment.

Tipping in Cancun at an all-inclusive resort

Well, when we go to an “all-inclusive resort”, sometimes we have the idea that it includes everything, and for many, it also refers to the gratuity.

In that case, you should check the bill, because by law, the service provider must specify how much is the gratuity charge, if any.

Some hotels or facilities do not include it, and in that case, it would not be wrong to give something as a token of appreciation.


In many cases, users believe that tips in Cancun are given to the worker, or redistributed among the workers.

However, in many cases, workers do not receive this important assistance.

A study by Canary Technologies revealed that 79% of hotel guests believe that workers deserve tips, but only 30% actually leave them.

Therefore, if you itemize the bill, and you don’t see the tip, you can get away with something that can range from 5% to 15%, obviously, according to your economic possibilities.

Tips in Cancun, if you wish, can be given according to the location, the type of hotel and the quality of the service provided. For example:

  • Cleaning staff (waitresses): Between $3 dollars and $5 per day, or $1 per person if there is a larger team.
  • Bellhops (baggage staff): Between $1 and $2 per suitcase brought to the room. If only one or two suitcases are brought, a minimum tip of $5 is suggested.
  • Valet (valet parking): Between $2 and $5 upon delivery of the vehicle to the guest.
  • Room Service: If the hotel has not included a gratuity in the bill, it is suggested to tip between 15% and 20% of the total cost of the service, similar to how waiters and bartenders are tipped in restaurants.
  • Door staff: It is not necessary to tip for opening the door, but if the door staff helps with luggage, hails a cab or offers an umbrella, a tip of $2 to $5 is suggested.

These guidelines may vary depending on local customs and guest expectations.

But always remember to check if a tip or service charge is not included.

Tipping in Cancun at restaurants and nightclubs:

In the case of tipping in Cancun, things vary a bit, if you decide to leave the hotel or posada, and are served in a business independent of the hotel chain.

Again, some businesses include the service charge or, better said, as a tip, which is distributed among everyone.

But it never hurts to give something to the waiter or whoever serves you at that particular business.

The suggested charge would be the value between 10% to 20%.

In the case of bars and nightclubs, ask to be attended by only one person, and at the end you can generate that payment directly in cash, or by credit card.

Tipping cab drivers and other transportation services in Cancun

Although it is not necessary to tip a cab driver, if they help you with your bags, we suggest that you tip them 10 pesos or one dollar per bag.

Tipping for Tours and Excursions

If you visit Cancun, most of your tour guide’s income will depend on tips in Cancun.

This means that, at the end of your visit, you will expect a tip.

We recommend tipping between 10% and 20% depending on how satisfied you were with the experience.


And don’t forget the drivers on your trip either: $2 a day would also be an appropriate tip for them.

Tipping at supermarkets, local services and others

In this particular, it all depends if the place where you do your shopping there is an extra service, such as packing the groceries, taking the cart to the vehicle or similar things.

A common practice in Mexican grocery stores is to tip the baggers who put your groceries in bags.

These people are not employees of the store and do not receive any salary other than tips from customers, so it is common to give between 10 and 20 pesos for a few bags of groceries.

This way, you can show your appreciation for their help and, at the same time, show gratitude for their hard work.

It is also a good sign to tip those people in Cancun who give massages inside the hotel or an extra service.

On the street you will find many people doing any street show, if it is within your reach, it would never hurt, they don’t make a living out of it.

Should I tip in Cancun in dollars or pesos?

About tipping in dollars or in pesos, it would be almost the same, the important thing is that the worker feels that his labor has been taken into account.

Always check the exchange rate, do not forget that the exchange rate from dollars to pesos varies from one day to another.

But, in general, the tip in Cancun, is given in dollars or currency of another country, but preferably with the U.S. currency.

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