The rivalry between Gaby Spanic and Lucero

The rivalry between Gaby Spanic and Lucero has been a topic of controversy in the entertainment industry.

At one point, the rivalry between Gaby Spanic and Lucero seemed to be an idyllic relationship, but the Venezuelan actress made it clear that this was not the case.

They both worked together in the telenovela “Soy tu dueña” and never got along during the filming of the drama broadcasted by Televisa, as reported by MDZ.

The same media outlet points out that in 2020, an audio recording of Spanic emerged in which she talked about her poor relationship with the interpreter of “No me dejes ir.”

The rivalry between Gaby Spanic and Lucero reached such a level that the Venezuelan actress called the Mexican singer “envious.”

Apparently, Lucero asked Gaby to take off her shoes during the telenovela shoots to not appear taller than her.

When asked about the audio, the star of “La Usurpadora” defended her right to express her opinion. But, in addition, she acknowledged having experienced difficult situations with the Mexican singer, although she did not mention her name directly.

“It’s my opinion. I worked with that person; I know who that person is. I wish her the best, truly, because she is very talented and well-liked, but yes, I did go through difficult things,” she said in statements reported by the previously mentioned media.

According to MDZ’s information, despite the discomforts and problems, the Venezuelan actress decided to leave everything behind and overcome any differences.

At the time, she expressed, “I don’t hold a grudge, I forgive her, and I apologize,” referring to Lucero.

Many details became clear in the rivalry between Gaby Spanic and Lucero. It is possible that in the new season of “Secrets of Villains,the reality show that reveals intimate details of actresses and the stories behind the scenes of the most popular telenovelas, Gaby Spanic will touch on this enmity again.

This season will consist of 10 episodes and will be available starting on October 26th through Canela TV, as reported by People.

Laura Zapata will join Gaby Spanic, Aylín Mujica, Cynthia Klitbo, Geraldine Bazán, Sabine Moussier, and Sarah Mintz to share a journey where they will experience all kinds of experiences.

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