Celebrating the Legacy of Famous Mexican Singers

Mexicans Singers

A great number of Mexican singers have gone down in history as icons of Latin American music, showcasing the talent of those born in Mexico.

From the memorable Vicente Fernandez and Juan Gabriel, to the likes of Thalia and Gloria Trevi, Mexican singers have been present in every generation of successful singers in every generation.

This is how in this tour we will highlight the most important Mexican singers in history.

In this regard, Billboard Boxscore released the list of the highest-grossing Latin artists of all time, since the 80’s, in which seven Mexican artists stand out in the top-20.

It seems incredible to think that talent in Mexico is so natural, that every year dozens of talented Mexicans appear in every musical genre, especially in those that are specific to the country.

Among the Mexican singers appearing on the list are Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernández, Juan Gabriel, Grupo Firme, Vicente Fernández, El Buki and Pepe Aguilar.

Great Mexican singers of history

So, with a huge gallery of singers, we can only show the most relevant, who have left well high culture, talent, and, above all, have been very popular for many years.

The following list of the most influential Mexican singers could be longer, but these are the ones that have marked a generation or several:

Vicente Fernandez

Known as El Charro de Huentitán, who sadly passed away on December 12, 2021 due to a multi-organ failure caused by Guillain-Barré Syndrome, he conquered millions around the world with his voice.

Vicente Fernandez, one of the greatest Mexican singers, positioned himself among the best, and reached earnings of up to 138 million dollars with an attendance of 1.8 million after 238 musical shows.

His first show was reported with earnings of 86 thousand dollars at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida, on October 10, 1987.

While his biggest show generated 7.4 million dollars at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City from 12 concerts performed between September 10 and October 12, 2014.

His biggest hit is “Volver, Volver”, a Mexican song that sounds all over the world; with this song he broke all sales records in Latin America, Spain and the United States.

Juan Gabriel:

Undoubtedly one of the greatest Mexican singers, his compositions, voice and charisma made him a figure of worldwide relevance.

Despite his death in 2016, El Divo de Juarez appears in Billboard’s Top 20 among the best singers since 1980.

His first show was reported with earnings of 58 thousand dollars at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida on August 17, 1985; while his biggest show generated 9.5 million at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City from 12 concerts performed between April 10 and May 17, 2015.

Tracks such as Querida, Hasta que te Conocí, El Noa Noa, and Amor Eterno, are in the memory of millions of people around the world.



Pedro Infante

Another of the greats of Mexican music, his tenor and excellent command of his voice earned him a place among the great Mexican singers.

He was born on November 18, 1917, and in addition to being a singer, he was also an actor and singer, he was known as “El inmortal”, “El ídolo de Guamúchil” and “El ídolo de México”.

He is considered an icon of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and one of the greatest exponents of ranchera music. He participated in more than 60 films and recorded more than 300 songs of different genres: waltzes, rancheras, boleros and chachachás.

Songs such as No Volveré, Fallaste Corazón, Me Cans Cansé de Rogarle, La Calandria, and others are part of his discography.

He died in an airplane accident, which he co-piloted in 1957.


Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda, better known as Thalia was born in Mexico City on August 26, 1971.

Thalia’s career began early in a children’s group called Din Din, with whom she recorded “Alegrias Musicales” in 1981.


Since then she has not stopped recording songs, many of which have become the most listened to.

In 1990 she released her first material as a soloist simply titled “Thalia” with singles such as “Un pacto entre los dos”, “Saliva”, “Amarillo Azul” and “Pienso en ti”, having a remarkable success in her native country.

She also became very popular with a trilogy of melodramas in which the main character would always be called María. “María Mercedes”, Marimar and María la del Barrio.

In total, she has released 15 albums and has made 8 international tours. In her album DesAMORfosis (2021), she explores more reggaeton, proving that she still has a lot of talent to succeed in music.

Equivocada, No me acuerdo, Estoy enamorado, Manías, Seducción, No me Enseñaste, among others, are part of his repertoire.

Paulina Rubio

Rubio is part of the great Mexican singers, being catalogued as a woman with great presentation, she started with Timbiriche.

In 1984, Paulina Rubio made her professional debut in the field of acting.

In 1991 she decided to start as a solo singer and the following year she released “La chica dorada”, her first album, recorded in Spain under the production of Miguel Blasco. The album sold 150,000 copies in just over three months, earning her a Gold Record.

At the end of 1993 she presented her second album under the name of “24 Kilates“. The following year he released “El tiempo es oro”, an album produced by Blasco in the United States and Spain.

In 1996 he released “Planeta Paulina”, a work for which he made incursions into composition and in 2000 he presented “Paulina”.

In 2002 she appeared with “Border Girl”, where she sang in English and Spanglish; in 2004 with “Pau-Latina”; in 2009 “Gran City Pop” was released.

Other singles were also released, such as Brava, Bravísima, Pau Factor, Mi Nuevo Vicio, Me Quema, Me Tienes Loquita and others.

Mexicans Singers

Luis Miguel

Known as El Sol de Mexico, he is another of the great Mexican singers, and has managed to rank second in the Billboard Boxscore with 319 million dollars by having an attendance of 4.3 million spectators.

Her first reported show with earnings of 164 thousand dollars, The Paramount in New York on November 1, 1991; while her biggest reported show generated 19.3 million dollars at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, from 30 concerts performed between January 18 and February 27, 2004.

La Chica del bikini azul, Te Extraño, Sabes una cosa, Ahora te puedes marcharse, are part of Luis Miguel’s extensive gallery.

Alejandro Fernández

Music is in his blood, he is another of the icons of Mexican music; his rancheras and mariachis are sung all over the world.

His first show was reported to have grossed 253 thousand dollars at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, on December 7, 1996.

While his biggest reported show generated 5.6 million dollars at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, Mexico, from 10 concerts performed between September 8 and October 9, 2010.

He was born on April 24, 1971, and his interpretations have been among the most listened to, such as: Mátalas, Nube Viajera, Caballero, Hoy tengo ganas de ti, and many more.

Gloria Trevi

Controversial, spontaneous and very liberal, Gloria Trevi is another of Mexico’s most powerful voices.

Her songs have not gone unnoticed and she has a well-established fan club.

She began her career with the group “Boquitas Pintadas” and started a very popular musical career, but she was imprisoned in Brazil and was out of the stage for four years.

Songs such as ¿Qué hago aquí?, Tu ángel de la guarda, Más turbada que nunca, Pelo suelto, Una rosa blu, Gloria, Diosa de la noche, Todos me miran, and many more, marked a generation.

Other great Mexican singers who have undoubtedly been a reference, are: Armando Manzanero, José Alfredo Jiménez and Selena Quintanilla.

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