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The reforms that AMLO wants to promote

The reforms that AMLO, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, wants to promote in Mexico are related to the basis of the social and political life of this country.

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, presented a package of 20 reforms that seek, he said, to return the social spirit to the Constitution enacted in 1917.

“The reforms I propose seek to establish constitutional rights and strengthen ideals and principles related to humanism, justice, honesty, austerity and democracy that we have postulated and put into practice since the origins of the current national transformation movement,” he assured during his presentation on February 5.

He added that the reforms that AMLO wants to promote are “to put public life back on the path of freedom, justice and democracy”.


These are the main points of this package of reforms that AMLO wants to promote and, in its case, must be approved by two thirds of both chambers of Congress.

This is 334 votes out of 500 in favor in the Chamber of Deputies, and 85 out of 128 in the Senate, this is what is known as qualified majority.

The reforms that AMLO wants to promote

These reforms affect the entire daily life of the Mexican people and mean a series of doubts and concerns in the current legal framework of the Aztec nation.

Among the areas where the Mexican president wishes to implement reforms are:

  1. Indigenous and Afro-descendants.
  2. Pension for senior citizens and people with disabilities
  3. Scholarships
  4. Free medical care
  5. Housing reform in Mexico
  6. Animal welfare
  7. Environment
  8. Better use of water
  9. Vapers and fentanyl in Mexico.
  10. Pretrial detention
  11. Minimum wage
  12. Pensions
  13. Wages for young people in Mexico
  14. Support for the countryside
  15. Passenger trains
  16. Electricity reform in Mexico.
  17. Electoral reform
  18. Judiciary
  19. National Guard in Mexico
  20. Disappearance of autonomous bodies.

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