Mexico’s electric system on emergency alert

The National Energy Control Center (Cenace) put Mexico’s electricity system on emergency alert on Thursday.

Mexican authorities stated that there is an “Operational State of Alert” to “Operational State of Emergency”, caused by a maximum energy demand as a result of the heat wave.

The situation with Mexico’s electric system on emergency alert is becoming a matter of concern, and in this sense, the authorities are preparing to face the crisis.

This is the second time this week that Cenace has moved the interconnected system from a state of alert to one of emergency, after the decision to do so last Tuesday.

As of 18:47 local time on May 9, 2024 (00:47 GMT Friday) Mexico’s electricity system on emergency alert following a drop in generation and an increase in consumption.

By declaring the Operational State of Emergency in the National Interconnected System, Cenace will carry out the appropriate operational actions,” the agency said Thursday in a brief statement.

Last Tuesday, Mexico’s electric system on emergency alert and states of emergency, with 16 of 32 states in the country with blackouts due to the shutdown of several power plants.


On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, it remained on alert.

According to Mexican Government data, Mexico’s electricity system on emergency alert is due to variables, such as voltages or frequency, because “they are within their operating limits”, the grid can cope with a contingency without losing stability and “without the action of supplementary control schemes”.

Mexico’s electric system on emergency alert

This Thursday, May 9, in his daily conference, the country’s President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, acknowledged that there is a deficit in electricity generation in the face of massive blackouts.

These blackouts have been occurring since Tuesday due to the heat wave, but he assured that this is “a transitory issue”.

According to records, the operating reserve margin (difference between supply and demand) reached less than 3% last Tuesday and the minimum operating level is 6%.

López Obrador argued that Mexico’s electricity system on emergency alert where “half of the generation (of electric power) has to do with private companies” and before assuming the presidency, in December 2018, the state-owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) only generated 38%.

Now it already generates around 50%, it will generate 65% by the end of our government and this will give more guarantee (in the supply),” he said.

Regarding Mexico’s electricity system on emergency alert, the President affirmed that the Government and the CFE are “attending to the problem” and will “ensure that there is no major generalized damage”, indicating that on Wednesday only “three or four states” were affected “and it was half an hour because it is being controlled”.

In the midst of Mexico’s electrical system on emergency alert, blackouts in the midst of a second heat wave, which will last until next Saturday, May 11, 2024.

Temperatures could be above 40 degrees Celsius in 23 states in the country, including 12 with temperatures of 45 degrees.

These high temperatures occur while López Obrador’s government is facing questions from the opposition and businessmen for implementing policies that favor the CFE and hinder private investment in renewable energy.

On Thursday, the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE), Mexico’s private sector’s top business association, assured that the causes of the massive blackouts that have been occurring since Tuesday are “structural”.

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), acknowledged in his morning conference on May 9 a deficiency in electricity generation due to the intermittent blackouts caused by a heat wave since last Tuesday.

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