Exploring the Most Popular Sport in Mexico: A Deep Dive into Mexican Sporting Culture

most popular sport in Mexico

Did you know that more than 58% of Mexicans are soccer fans? It turns out that soccer is considered the most popular sport in Mexico, so there are many who feel euphoria when they attend games, participate in them and proudly wear the jerseys of their favorite teams.

Mexico is one of those Latin American countries that is known for its extensive sports heritage. Soccer, which is considered the most popular sport in Mexico, has been played by Mexicans since Mesoamerican times, so contemporary soccer has played a crucial role in shaping the culture and identity of its citizens.

In Mexico the passion for the sport beats strongly in the hearts of its citizens and this can be seen in the streets and in the stadiums. In addition, soccer offers discipline, fun and competitive spirit, which is reflected in the cultural richness of the country.

Here we will tell you everything you should know about the most popular sport in Mexico.

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Learn all about the most popular sport in Mexico

The most popular sport in Mexico (soccer) plays a fundamental role in the social life of Mexicans and the passion for soccer that each fan expresses is through cheers, attendance to studios and social gatherings with family and friends, which show how deeply rooted this sport is in the citizens.

Their pride in wearing the jerseys of their favorite team also projects the essence of each team, so yes, definitely the success of each of Mexico’s soccer teams fosters the sense of belonging of Mexicans, and soccer is more than the king of sports in Mexico, it is a way of life that moves the nation with passion, generating an important impact on its culture.

History of the most popular sport in Mexico

Contemporary soccer is considered the most popular sport in Mexico and it has managed to conquer the hearts of every Mexican. It was introduced in the Latin American nation at the end of the XIX century, at the beginning it was practiced by English foreigners, who arrived in ships in search of new horizons in the region, to gradually introduce this sport among Mexicans, mainly the upper class, who, as they became soaked, popularized soccer throughout the nation.

It was not until 1900 that the first mining technicians of English origin founded the nation’s first team called Pachuca. Later, a group of Scottish textile workers organized their own team and then joined the Mexico Cricket Club, these first teams were the ones that organized the first soccer tournament in Mexico.

In 1920 the National League was formed and two years later the Mexican Soccer Federation was founded and in 1943 the first professional league was presented and since then different teams have won the championship trophy in all the tournament formats that have been held.

It is important to mention that the first champion in the history of Mexican soccer was Asturias, a team that no longer exists. It should also be noted that traditional teams such as América, Cruz Azul. Guadalajara and Pumas have managed to position themselves in the world of soccer and the most winning of all has been America, followed by Guadalajara and Toluca.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the history of the short tournaments is young, since it was established during the Winter of 1996 and over the years it lost teams due to the disappearance of some, disaffiliation and also due to changes in formats.

most popular sport in Mexico

These are the most important soccer tournaments in Mexico

Soccer in Mexico has played a fundamental role in its culture, not for nothing is soccer considered the most popular sport in Mexico, here we will tell you about the most important tournaments in which the king of sports has participated in Mexico, both nationally and internationally:

National tournaments 

  • La Liga 
  • Mexican Cup 
  • Champion of Champions 
  • Mexican Super Cup
  • League Super Cup

International Tournaments 

  • CONCACAF Champions Cup/ CONCACAF Champions League
  • Inter-American Cup
  • Concacaf Cup Winners’ Cup 
  • South American Cup

International achievements of the Mexican league in soccer

Due to its outstanding performance in soccer, the senior and youth national teams have had many achievements at international level. Mexico has 38 official international titles with FIFA, of which 4 are global and 34 continental, making it the only national team of its confederation to obtain tournaments organized directly with FIFA and, in turn, is the third most successful in the world, only behind Brazil and Argentina.

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It is also important to highlight that the Mexican Olympic soccer team won the gold medal in the London Olympic Games in 2012 and the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that in the U-17 category they were world champions in Peru 2005 and later in Mexico 2011, and in the U-20 category they were runners-up in Tunisia 1977 and third place in Colombia 2011.

It should be noted that soccer is fundamental in the lives of Mexicans, from its physical expression to its more commercial expression, for example, with consumer items, jerseys and entertainment products. By practicing soccer, better interpersonal relationships, group work, tolerance and coexistence are developed with the objective of achieving a good wellbeing, physical and mental health.

Influence of the media and entertainment in Mexican Soccer

The media such as television, radio and social networks have currently represented an important influence on Mexican soccer fans, since this is the way in which people connect and inform themselves about everything related to soccer.

It should also be noted that the impact that major soccer events have had on entertainment and advertising is also important, and that through these media soccer has become a catalytic tool that allows you as an individual to cooperate, achieve friendships and solidarity. It should be noted that soccer is considered a tool to address social issues, gender equality, inclusion and the fight against racism.

Does soccer contribute to the Mexican economy?

Soccer in Mexico does contribute to the Mexican economy, in fact, it is one of the most lucrative industries in the country, and according to the Mexican Soccer Industry, the most popular sport in Mexico represents 54% of the Gross Domestic Product, in turn, represents 25% of the Gross Domestic Product generated in the world of entertainment.

Therefore, the most popular sport in Mexico does contribute to Mexico’s economy, through ticket sales, merchandise and jobs, in addition to this, sponsorships and associations in soccer also generate good results in the economy.


Soccer also contributes to tourism and many are the people who decide to visit the cities that stand out the most in the most popular sport in Mexico and end up spending in various places and products that improve the economy of the most popular sport in Mexico. Some of the cities that benefit from hosting soccer games are:

  • Mexico City
  • Guadalajara
  • Toluca
  • Monterrey
  • Puebla

Now that you know all about the most popular sport in Mexico, tell us which is your favorite Mexican soccer team?

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