Latino Stories: Wings by D’Marito

Entrepreneurship stories help us understand how close or far we are from success, and in El Salvador, there are many cases, with “Alitas Wings by D’Marito” being one of them.

The story of Alitas Wings by D’Marito begins with Mario Muñoz, a 23-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of the food delivery business.

At Wings by D’Marito, orders are delivered to homes through the Uber Eats and Hugo platforms. This Salvadoran startup began in February of this year.

One day, Mario decided to prepare wings coated in sauce, his friends tried them and suggested he sell them to others.

Yes, just like in other great stories, this young man, Mario, realized he was good at something and perfected it. “I wasn’t satisfied with the wings sold here.

They are one of my favorite foods, so I decided to make them,” he explained.

Latino Stories: “Wings by D’Marito is an example.”

Initially, he sold them from his home, using money saved from the previous Christmas to invest in a small fryer for preparing the wings.

He personally handled frying the pieces, marinating them in the sauce, preparing side dishes for combos, and distributing them.

He personally handled frying the pieces, marinating them in the sauce, preparing combo side dishes, and distributing them.

At first, Muñoz said, his idea was to sell them from his home, and people close to him could come and pick them up there.

But later, the opportunity arose to offer his wings through delivery apps.

People started ordering them, and he now has three locations in San Salvador: Plaza Malta, La Sultana, and Plaza Mundo Soyapango.

With the expansion of his workspace, opportunities also grew, including hiring five other people.

Nowadays, like many Latin stories, they leveraged the pandemic to showcase their product online. This is how we understand that with digital tools, entrepreneurs can find a way to expand.

Mario maintains that with his foray into delivery apps, he went from selling five or six orders a day to selling 30, 40, or even 100 during weekends.

He says the delivery business “has really taken off.”

However, creativity is another key aspect of business success. Wings by D’Marito offers different types of sauces that cater to customer preferences and special requests from companies or family celebrations.

Adapting to the fast pace of delivery work can be challenging for entrepreneurs at first.

The main challenges Mario’s business faced were a lack of working capital and limited knowledge of management and logistics.

With the growth of Alitas Wings by D’Marito, other possibilities are opening up, such as hiring direct suppliers.

Wings by D’Marito is another Latin story worth closely following to see its growth and future in the market.

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