Monument: Non-sanctuary city for migrants

In the United States, a place Non-sanctuary city for migrants reaffirmed its status by renewing a resolution that makes this locality not advisable for the migrant population.

Monument has reaffirmed its status as a non-sanctuary city for migrants, making it clear that it does not provide conditions for foreign migration in the United States. 

Just as there are sanctuary cities for migrants in the United States, there are also non-sanctuary cities.

A resolution to declare the City of Monument a non-sanctuary city appeared on the City Council agenda following the January 31 El Paso County press conference.

The Monument Council included a resolution on its Feb. 20 agenda to review a resolution on immigrant response and declaring status as a non-sanctuary city for migrants.

The resolution was drafted in part at a press conference held by El Paso County Commissioners and Colorado Springs City Council member Dave Donelson on Jan. 31 in response to news reports of immigrants arriving in Colorado Springs.

This decision is a response to the federal and state governments’ lack of action to stop illegal immigration.

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Monument: Non-sanctuary city for migrants

Prior to the resolution, at the council’s last meeting on Feb. 5 at city hall, the city’s safeguards against immigrants who have entered the country illegally and could arrive within city limits as happens in Denver and Colorado were addressed during public comment.

The following week, Monument presented its draft resolution on the issue in advance of its Feb. 20 regular meeting, where the resolution would be discussed and voted on.

After talking with the police chief, Monument Mayor Mitch LaKind said there are limits to what the municipality can do to prevent an influx of migrants coming into the city.

The non-sanctuary city for migrants fears for the safety of its citizens.

“For the record, it is not my position as mayor nor any position or authority of the council to expel and verify the documents of people coming into the city,” LaKind said.

In addition, the mayor made it clear that it is not illegal to speak Spanish or any other language, in that sense, they assured that they will not apply Gestapo-type measures.

A sanctuary city is defined as a municipality that limits cooperation with federal immigration authorities, limits or does not provide information on immigration status and limits the length of immigration detentions.

Monument’s Resolution: Details

Monument’s resolution, as a non-sanctuary city for migrants, states that the City believes and is committed to securing the border, enforcing immigration laws to protect the community, and upholding the laws of the State of Colorado and the principles of the U.S. Constitution and as have the citizens of the City.

The resolution further states that the transportation of migrants entering the country illegally into the City of Monument may compromise the safety, welfare and resources of its residents.

In addition, the City recognizes the importance of legal immigration and welcomes individuals to apply through the legal process.

It affirms that the non-sanctuary city for migrants, Monument, also urges its residents to support and defend the principles of legal immigration, respecting the laws and processes in place, declaring itself a “non-sanctuary” city.

It should be noted that Monument’s decision is a response to the crisis being experienced by the Mile High City, also located in Colorado approximately 40 miles away, where they are facing fiscal and humanitarian problems after having been declared as sanctuaries for immigrants.

The situation has forced Mayor Mike Johnston to warn of an approaching tipping point.

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