Michelin evaluation in Mexico for 2024

Good news, and that is the Michelin evaluation in Mexico will become a reality for 2024, giving a boost to gastronomy and tourism.

By 2024, the best taquerias and restaurants could be included in the Michelin Guide, which will be ready soon and will not only benefit recognized restaurants but also the tourism industry.

Gwendal Poullennec, the international director of the Michelin Guides, assured that it will be ready next year and they aim to recognize the best flavors of our country.

For Mexican food enthusiasts and considering that Mexican cuisine is a cultural heritage of humanity, the question arises as to why Michelin decided to launch this guide only now.

“Michelin takes time to acquire the local culinary knowledge we need before we can fairly assess the quality of local culinary potential in Mexico. So, we do it everywhere in the world; it’s always a gradual approach based on our field research,” Poullennec said.

He added that, although they are starting with the guide, Michelin’s evaluation in Mexico is complemented by assessments of Mexican restaurants around the world.

Internationally, there are 11 restaurants with one star and a couple with two stars.

Regarding the Mexican restaurants that could make it to the coveted list, the executive explained that Michelin’s evaluation in Mexico will involve specialists.

“Our team of inspectors is made up of men and women, people with a deep understanding of all the food cultures of the world. They always travel, so there is not a single inspector based in the country who is not participating in the entire selection process in all countries.”

Pullenec said that when inspectors explore a city, they also make sure to recognize quality, regardless of the restaurant style, cuisine style, or price level.

“In the Michelin Guide in Mexico, you can find very informal local restaurants, like, for example, in Asia, we have street food recognized in all selections, even at the star level. So it could be the same here in a market or at taquerias. So, we are very, very open to that, and the important thing is to provide advice on the best places to eat, regardless of the restaurant style, and also the level of comfort. It can be elegant luxury dinners, or very informal local restaurants,” he said.

Michelin Evaluation in Mexico

Daniela Mijares, executive president of the Canirac, acknowledged that the arrival of the Michelin Evaluation in Mexico is positive for tourism.

Michelin’s evaluation in Mexico will begin with Mexico City, Oaxaca, Baja California, Los Cabos, and Nuevo León. The next selection of Mexican restaurants will follow the Michelin methodology, based on five universal criteria to ensure consistency across each selection:

  • Quality of ingredients
  • Mastery of culinary techniques
  • Harmony of flavors
  • Chef’s personality expressed through the cuisine
  • Consistency, both across the menu and over time

The Michelin evaluation in Mexico, to be announced in a few months, will showcase the best of Mexico’s gastronomic scene and shed light on the talented chefs of the city.

Restaurants can earn a place in the Michelin Evaluation in Mexico and also receive stars (from one to three) based on the excellence of their cuisine.

Similarly, Michelin’s evaluation in Mexico will grant a Bib Gourmand (if they demonstrate an excellent value for money experience) or a Green Star (to highlight inspiring and sustainable commitments).

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