How can you tell someone is from Chicago?

can you tell someone is from Chicago

Many are the people who dream of visiting the windy city, and this metropolis is quite popular among Americans and foreigners, especially for its architecture, gastronomy, inhabitants and of course, for being elected the best big city in the United States, we will tell you how can you tell someone is from Chicago?

Chicago is one of the best known cities in the United States and, despite not being the capital of Illinois, it is the most visited city in the state.

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Due to its great popularity many are the people who wonder How can you tell someone is from Chicago? Here you will find out.

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Everything you need to know about How can you tell someone is from Chicago?

For those of you who are wondering How can you tell someone is from Chicago? Chicagoans mostly conform to the stereotype of the Midwesterner, that is, they are friendly and outgoing people.

The friendliness of its inhabitants makes many people choose Chicago as their destination to settle down and start a new life, and in addition to offering good job opportunities, like any developing metropolis, Chicago is quite friendly with foreigners, which has resulted in a great cultural diversity of people of Latin American, Italian, African American, Asian, Russian, among others.

It should also be noted that in this city people are quite talkative, perhaps that is why they are classified as extroverted inhabitants. In Chicago people tend to look for excitement in everything they do so you will always see them celebrating and it helps a lot that they have several festivals, especially in summer.

can you tell someone is from Chicago

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They tend to enjoy meeting people and many locals are always in good spirits. Therefore, it could be said that if you are quite sociable, outgoing and love group activities you could fit in very well with Chicago’s population.

On the other hand, if you’re wondering How can you tell someone is from Chicago? Another way to identify them is that people from Chicago don’t usually pronounce the last letter of the word Illinois, because they say that the ”S” doesn’t say anything.

The inhabitants of the skyscraper city also use a lot of local custom slang along with the ”L”, the ́ ́th sound is commonly pronounced as a ”d” sound. Similarly, you’ll be able to identify the accent of its inhabitants with ease as it is quite distinctive.

Chicagoans wear Chicago sports team gear and know the three best foods in the city (deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dog and the Italian beef sandwich) and claim they’ll never be as good anywhere else in the country.

Chicagoans are also identifiable because they tend to need two different outfits in a day – this is because the Midwest is a land of extremes, with its legendary lake effect, so there are days when it’s very hot in the morning and very cold at night, which is why the local tip is to wear layers if you visit the city during spring or autumn.

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Last but not least, although the iconic skyscraper has been called the Willis Tower since 2009, locals still call it the Sears Tower.

You know How can you tell someone is from Chicago? Do you want to visit this enigmatic city?

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