Unveiling Stem Cell Therapy in Tijuana Mexico: Comprehensive Guide and Expert Insights

stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico

Stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico, has had a great boom especially among foreigners who move to the Mexican city just to undergo stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico, that is why here we will detail everything you need to know about stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico.

Before we detail stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico, you should know what stem cell therapy is and why it has had a great boom in the world of medicine in recent times. Stem cell therapy is performed using stem cells for the treatment or prevention of a disease or condition, this type of therapy is used in autologous stem cell transplants, that is, from the patient himself or with allogeneic cells, from another compatible donor.

This type is administered in a vein, so it is very similar to a blood transfusion. In the process the stem cells travel to the bone marrow, are injected and subsequently begin to produce new blood cells.

Many experts are currently studying whether stem cells are an option for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease and even conditions such as diabetes.

The boom in the health area that stem cell treatment has brought with it, has generated that cities like Tijuana are known in the subject and offer excellent services related to the subject, and stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico offers patients the opportunity to be treated with the most advanced devices and processes in the area. Precisely for that reason, the specialists dedicated to stem cell therapy are specialized in this natural substance that regenerates and helps the body to heal itself.

Stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico is a non-invasive, non-surgical and safe treatment that can help you recover from chronic pain conditions, orthopedic problems, sports injuries, anti-aging, autoimmune diseases and much more. In this article we will detail everything you need to know about stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico so stay tuned.

What are stem cells and what are their benefits?

Stem cells are described as the raw material of the body, which means that from them other cells that have specialized functions in the body are generated. This means that under the right conditions both in the body and in a laboratory, stem cells divide in order to form other cells that are called daughter cells.

It is precisely for this reason that stem cells have great potential for treating neurodegenerative diseases, spinal cord injuries, heart disease and conditions such as diabetes.

Types of stem cells

There are several types of stem cells, which we will discuss below:

Adult or somatic

This type of stem cells can be extracted from any person, regardless of age, they are found in specific areas as stem cell niches in all tissues and parts of the body. When activated, they fulfill the function of cell renewal or repair damaged tissue caused by disease or injury.

Embryonic or fetal

Embryonic stem cells are found in embryos more than four or five days old, thanks to these cells the tissues and organs of the fetus develop. These cells can be transformed into any type of cell, so they are quite interesting for research processes, but their use has been forbidden in most countries due to ethical issues.

From umbilical cord

The first thing to note with this type of stem cells is that those extracted from cord blood have certain differences from those extracted from the cord tissue itself. While hematopoietic cells, which can produce healthy blood cells, are extracted from blood stem cells, cord tissue stem cells have mesenchymal cells, which can regenerate and repair any type of tissue.


Amniotic stem cells are found in the amniotic fluid and are quite active, however, their differentiation potential is less than that of embryonic stem cells.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine repairs tissues affected by disease, dysfunction or injury.

This means that stem cells can replace damaged cells, in addition to this stem cells have the ability to secrete anti-inflammatory substances, so in muscle injuries help lubricate the joints and in turn reduce inflammation.

Why is stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico recommended?

Since a few years ago, stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico has gained popularity because all the medical centers that offer this type of treatment are of high quality, which makes patients from all over Mexico, the United States, Central America and the Caribbean travel to the city in order to improve their health.

In addition to its high quality, Tijuana is quite close to the U.S. border, which makes it the most accessible destination for tourists wishing to undergo stem cell treatment.

stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico

Stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico is also advantageous because of its costs, safety, high quality of services, use of state-of-the-art technologies and because of the privileges in the health system that Mexico has, as countries like Canada and the United States stand out much less in the area of health, because they have a totally industrialized system.

It is also worth mentioning that Mexico is a country with numerous tourist attractions and a safe and quiet natural environment, so you will have an excellent post-treatment recovery.

Legal and regulatory environment of stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico

In Mexico, government agencies support stem cell research and treatment, and have created a framework that regulates this area of health care.

Among the regulatory elements is that the therapeutic use of stem cells in humans can only be carried out when the benefits to the patient outweigh the risks, the same applies in the case of the stem cell donor.
This type of criteria regulating this medical treatment avoids misleading advertising, malpractice and scams.

Best Clinics for Stem Cell Therapy in Tijuana

Now that you know why stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico is the best option in this area of health, we will tell you which are the best clinics in this Mexican city:

Giostar Mexico

In this clinic, their main objective is to investigate and apply all the resources that generate a better life condition for patients. Therefore, they are pioneers in stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico.

The facilities are first generation and offer organized protocols for each patient through continuous research in their laboratories and remodeling in their facilities.

Treatments offered:

Stem cell therapies to share diseases

These therapies seek to regenerate the parts of the body that are affected by conditions or diseases.

It is important to keep in mind that each patient may have different results even if they suffer from the same disease, this is because each organism works differently.

It is also important to highlight that some side effects that the patient may present are: excess energy, ease or difficulty sleeping, increased general well-being, discomfort and headaches.

Stem cell therapies to combat aging

They also perform treatments dedicated to patients who wish to regain youthful energy levels, increase their general well-being and skin elasticity.

Mesenchymal stem cells are responsible for improving tissue conditions for those who wish to feel and look younger.

Stem cell therapy for pain management

They also perform pain and muscle injury management therapies with mesenchymal stem cells.

The types of pain therapies they offer are: stem cell therapy for bone marrow injury, back pain, stem cell treatment for hips, knees, shoulders and rotator cuff stem cell therapies.


This clinic seeks to improve the quality of life of patients with degenerative diseases, so they provide effective treatments with stem cells from the same patient, with the intention of regenerating damaged tissue. It is important to mention that ProgenCell is authorized by the health department COFEFRIS, so they offer an appropriate, honest, professional environment with high quality and innovative facilities. 

It is also worth mentioning that they have a highly qualified medical committee that provides experience and follow up of different protocols. At ProgenCell they have permits and licenses in compliance with local regulations. 

Treatment offered: 

  • ProgenCell offers the following stem cell treatments: 
  • Neurological stem cell protocol 
  • Immunological stem cell protocol
  • Ophthalmic stem cell protocol 
  • Female Wellness Protocol with stem cells 
  • Stem cell protocol for male wellness with stem cells 
  • Stem cell protocol for male sexual wellness

What is the process of stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico like?

The first thing you must do is to schedule a consultation and initial evaluation, where in addition to explaining the process you will undergo, your condition will be evaluated, and your medical history will be reviewed and analyzed.

After meeting the requirements you will move on to the next phase, the collection and processing of stem cells. To perform this process effectively, medications are usually administered that cause your stem cells to move out of the bone marrow and into the bloodstream, with the intention of collecting them through an intravenous catheter.

Afterwards, they go on to perform the treatment and administration of the stem cells, these are received through an infusion by administering an intravenous catheter, that is, they are introduced into the vein in a very similar way to a blood transfusion, the stem cells received travel to the bone marrow, they are grafted and then begin to produce new normal blood cells, this process will take between 1 to 5 hours and then you will start with the recovery phase.
To finish the process your body will go through the recovery stage, which begins after the stem cell infusion. In this period you need to wait for the cells to engraft or settle, so that the new blood cells are finally produced.

Cost of stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico

The first thing to keep in mind is that prices vary depending on the doctor and if your insurance will cover your expenses, but the approximate range of stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico is between $5,000 and $50,000. It is important to mention that if your insurance covers the costs the treatment could be much lower.

It is important to mention that the cost coverage will depend on the specific clauses that your health insurance has. It should also be mentioned that if your insurance provider denies coverage for the transplant and they can cover this type of procedure, you will be able to appeal that decision, you just need to know all the details related to your health insurance.

Stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico patient testimonials and success stories

Here are some of the testimonials of people who have undergone stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico:

Phil R.
The good news is that I seem to be improving daily. I will be very happy if I continue to improve in the next few weeks and I will tell everyone I know about your wonderful clinic and the miracle that is stem cell therapy. Before my treatment I suffered from angina almost every day, and sometimes constantly for several days in a row. Now I don’t have as much discomfort compared to occasionally and the time between each symptom has been getting longer.  

If I don’t feel more improvement, I would still be satisfied with my progress and my current state of health. I feel fortunate to have found ProgenCell along with its fantastic team, and I am looking forward to enjoying the next part of my life in relatively good health, which until recently I did not think was possible.  

God bless you all!  

Best wishes

Cherie B.

I would also like to tell you that on my flight home, after finishing treatment, I started hearing with my left ear, and overall I have been able to hear better. I still have hearing problems but now I have had considerable improvement, rather than gradual hearing loss. I decreased the volume of my television by 25%. I had not been able to hear with my left ear with hearing aids for over a year and on the flight home I was startled when I heard the captain make an announcement. I heard the announcement in my left ear and the hearing aids were not even connected to the sound system, as I was watching a movie on my iPad and my hearing aids were connected to the iPad. 

In general, it is difficult to recognize the change as you can’t tell which ear you are listening with, but over a year ago I complained because some hearing aids were defective and you could only hear on one side, the gentleman flipped them over and I could still only hear on the right side. He made it clear that the defect was in my hearing, not in the hearing aids.  

Another significant change is that I can lie on my side without my arm going numb, so my circulation must have improved. I had not been able to sleep on either side for over twenty years.

Roberto Agentis

Giostar has been a life changing experience for me, your profession and your staff have given me my life back.

Greg Scoulis

Recommended experience, the staff is very attentive and professional, very happy with my results.

Now you know what are the benefits of stem cell therapy in Tijuana Mexico a way to regenerate your health effectively.

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