Details of the Grand Prix of Miami 2024

The thrills of motorsports are back with F1, so we will tell you the details of the Grand Prix of Miami, the first race this season in the United States.

The excitement of Formula 1 takes over Miami this week with the practice session that starts on Friday, prior to Saturday’s qualifying and the Grand Prix race, which takes place on Sunday.

The details of the Grand Prix of Miami make us understand how complicated the circuit is and how it has become one of the favorites despite its short time.

Among the details of the Grand Prix of Miami is that the track borders the Hard Rock Stadium, therefore, several streets will be closed from today Thursday, May 2, including the exit ramps of the Turnpike.


Another detail of the Grand Prix of Miami is that it is located in the city of Miami Gardens about 25 km from Miami itself and just a quarter of an hour’s drive from the famous beaches of Miami Beach.

In addition, the circuit is in a purely sporting enclave, surrounding the Hard Rock Stadium (home of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins) and right next to the courts where the Miami Masters tennis tournament takes place.

A very urban circuit: Details of the Grand Prix of Miami 2024

To know more about the details of the Grand Prix of Miami, you must understand that it is a street circuit in the style of Albert Park or Jeddah that runs 5.4 km through 19 curves (12 left turns and 7 right turns) and with 3 DRS zones, of course all surrounded by walls.

Another aspect, very important among the details of the Grand Prix of Miami, is that the laps are counterclockwise, which from the start will mean more wear for the right front tire.

Of the 3 straights we have in Miami, the first one is the shortest, 450 meters to turn 1, even less distance from the starting grid.

Then comes turn 2, a tricky area because the pit lane exit is at this turn with the inside cars in fourth gear.

Turns 3, 4 and 5 are a succession of linked medium-speed corners that prepare us for the complicated braking in support, with the steering wheel turned, of turns 6-7, a left-hand corner where we will see the now famous boats on a floor painted to simulate water.

Traction at the exit of turn 7 will be crucial to start with speed the second sector, the first DRS section that leads to the braking of turn 11, one of the clearest overtaking points and where drivers will reach peaks of 330 to brake at almost 90.

Here begins the most technical, complicated and slowest area of the whole circuit, from 11 to 16 with a challenging chicane at 14-15, all in second and third gear.

Curve and straights at the Grand Prix of Miami

In addition, another detail of the Grand Prix of Miami, is that this stretch, the ground is slightly sunken for safety as the bridges of Florida’s Turnpike pass over it.

After the start of turn 16, the third sector begins with a gigantic 1.2 km long straight, one of the longest on the calendar, where the cars will touch 340 km/h before the braking of turn 17, the other great place to overtake, of course with DRS.

This straight will also be the point where the drivers will suffer the most from bouncing.

Turns 18 and 19 lead to the finishing straight, where they will also be able to open the rear wing to take advantage of the braking in turn 1 and overtake before starting the next lap.

Undoubtedly this is a circuit where the engine will be very important to get the highest top speed with greater use of eighth gear.

The teams will not be able to reduce the downforce much because they will need it to face the twisty corners, especially those at the end of the second sector.

These sections mean that the average speed of the circuit is not particularly high, 210 km/h, which is typical for the calendar.

Use of the brakes at the Grand Prix of Miami

As for the brakes, they will not suffer excessive heating despite the 3 heavy braking they will have to endure, during the straights they have plenty of time to cool down.

The asphalt is new, so it is not expected to be very abrasive and its grip will surely improve with the passage of the cars, as long as the rain does not appear.

These are the details of the Grand Prix of Miami, which make this race one of the most dizzying and overtaking opportunities.

Miami Grand Prix Circuit:

  • First Grand Prix: 2022
  • Number of laps: 57
  • Circuit length: 5.412 km
  • Race distance: 308.326 km (193.326 miles)

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