Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia Fight: New Challenge

Finally, rumors were put aside when the Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia fight was confirmed.

A Mexican clash is already confirmed, and there were divided opinions about the fight between Mexicans.

Thus, the four-time Mexican champion announced his next opponent through a brief video on Instagram where he makes official the fight with Munguia on May 4 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The announcement of the fight between Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia, is surprising because the Mexican champion has decided to challenge one of his own.

The news, which has generated great expectation among boxing lovers, marks an unexpected turn in the career of the Jalisco-born fighter, who had previously rejected the idea of facing compatriots.

“Mexicans to the battle cry. See you on May 4 at the T-Mobile in Las Vegas”, was what the Mexican posted about the fight between Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia.


Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia Fight: New Challenge

Immediately, his followers did not miss the opportunity to give their opinion on the matter, after the announcement.

It is worth mentioning that the fight between Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia, which initially seemed unlikely, has generated a wave of enthusiasm among fans who expected to see the champion in action against Jermall Charlo.

Indeed, the choice of Munguia as an opponent comes after an unexpected outcome in the negotiations with Charlo, which left fans with the uncertainty of not seeing ‘Canelo’ in the ring on May 4.

This break occurs despite the fact that the initial contract with PBC contemplated three fights, of which only one took place, against Jermell Charlo.

It is worth mentioning that the decision to break ties with PBC demonstrates the determination of ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and his team to seek more attractive and challenging opportunities.

This contractual break also leaves open the possibility of new alliances and agreements that could define the course of Alvarez’s career in the coming months.

The anticipation surrounding this showdown is growing as the date approaches, with the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas set to host a big one, according to Medio Tiempo.

For his part, ‘Canelo’ Alvarez’s decision to face Munguia is not only a sporting challenge, but also a show of respect and admiration for his compatriot.

Comments on the fight between Canelo Alvarez vs Jaime Munguia

“They asked for it so much and asked for it and now I’m crying that no, nothing fits them,” said one of the users on social networks.

“Munguia more millionaire than the crybaby Benavides,” commented another on the Mexican boxer’s post.

“Shame on you how you evade Benavides, Munguía is good, but you say you don’t fight Mexicans and now you retract, accept with Benavides,” it read.

 “We are fine tuning some details. I can’t announce anything, but it will be on May 4 in Las Vegas,” the fighter had mentioned in an interview to TV Azteca.

“That’s right first you give the opportunity to a real Mexican then to Benavides’ pocho,” reads on Instagram.

Everything seems to indicate that the world champion fighter’s decision was not to the liking of his followers.


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