A Mexican national the fourth body recovered from the Baltimore Bridge

A Mexican national is the fourth body recovered from the Baltimore Bridge after the accident that collapsed the bridge.

U.S. authorities reported on Monday, April 15, that a new body was found among the victims of the accident on the Baltimore Bridge.

It is known that six workers of Latin American origin died during the collapse of the building.

The fourth body recovered from the Baltimore Bridge is part of the search carried out by the authorities.

The communiqué from the command that is coordinating these efforts said that, at the request of the family, it will not provide the identity of this person, which brings to four the number of bodies recovered.

It should be recalled that the event occurred in the early hours of March 26; there were several Latinos, the fourth body recovered on the Baltimore Bridge.


A Mexican national the fourth body recovered from the Baltimore Bridge

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed due to the impact of a container ship and two bodies were found that same day.

The third body was found on April 5 and that third victim was identified as Maynor Suazo, of Honduran origin.

To locate the body of the missing national, the Unified Command alerted the Maryland Police Department, the FBI and local transportation authorities when they found what they thought was one of the construction crew cars that fell into the water early that morning.

The fourth body recovered from the Baltimore Bridge was identified by Mexican authorities.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, announced that the fourth body recovered from the Baltimore Bridge was that of Carlos Daniel Hernández, whom she highlighted as one of the many Mexican nationals working in the United States.


He also stated that the Mexican government will accompany and consult with his family; however, he did not elaborate further on the matter.

“The body of Carlos Daniel Hernandez, a Mexican national who worked on the Key Brige Bridge in Baltimore, which collapsed on March 26, was recovered. Carlos Daniel represents our Mexican workers in the United States. Our deepest condolences and consular accompaniment to his family”.

Mexican Consulate made a statement

During the night of Tuesday, March 26, the Consular Section of the Mexican Embassy in the United States was able to establish that, of the eight missing workers, three are of Mexican nationality.

“As will be recalled, a third compatriot was rescued alive and is recovering. The Consular Section of the Embassy of Mexico will continue to be in close contact with the families of these three workers to offer them all the consular support and assistance needed,” reads the email.

In addition, it was reported that one of them, originally from Michoacán, was rescued alive and was recovering satisfactorily from his injuries.

A day later, on March 27, Maryland State Police Colonel Roland Butler announced the discovery of two bodies during the rescue efforts. One of these was 35-year-old Alejandro Fernandez Fuente, who was identified as Mexican.

“Shortly before 10 a.m., they located a red pickup truck submerged in 25 feet of water. Divers recovered two victims in this vehicle: a 35-year-old and a 26-year-old,” the police officer told the public.

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