The most requested moving destination is The Villages in Central Florida

According to a study, in the United States, the most requested moving destination is The Villages in Central Florida.

Internal migration in the United States has undergone a significant shift, with more than eight million people moving to another state by 2022.

The trend reveals emerging residential preferences and the search for quality of life among Americans.

In this regard, those moving from one state to another are looking at job options such as services; in this regard, the most sought-after for relocation is The Villages in Central Florida.

A recent study by MoveBuddha, a well-known relocation company, provides a detailed overview of mobility projections for 2024, identifying the communities and cities that are capturing the most attention.

According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, the number of people choosing to relocate to another state over the past year highlights mobility patterns that seek not only better economic opportunities but also environments that offer a high quality of life.

In this regard, the most requested moving destination is The Villages in Central Florida considering that it has certain incentives.

The study was able to outline the most popular destinations for the coming year, showing a diversity of preferences ranging from retirement communities to mid-sized cities with a rich cultural life.


Most requested moving destination is The Villages in Central Florida

The most sought-after moving destination is The Villages in Central Florida, a location that has gained recognition as the world’s largest retirement community, scoring an in-to-out ratio of 4.38.

This means that for every 100 residents who leave, 438 choose to move in. This data, derived from the report, reflects the attractiveness of The Villages.

It is a preferred destination for the retirement population, driven by a favorable environment and a wide range of activities.

The report also highlights that housing costs, while important, are not necessarily the deciding factor for those looking to relocate.

The most sought-after for relocation is The Villages in Central Florida, and one of the reasons is the median value of a home, which stands at USD 407,528, placing it above the national average of USD 347,716, the analysis entity indicated.

In addition to The Villages, other locations have emerged as hot spots for seniors, including Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, which, along with Asheville in North Carolina, Billings in Montana, Chattanooga in Tennessee, Boulder in Colorado and Burlington in Vermont, represent popular choices for those looking to blend natural settings with artsy scenes.

MoveBuddha further notes the growing interest in affordability in the real estate market, identifying cities such as Dayton in Ohio, Hartford in Connecticut, Tulsa in Oklahoma, Des Moines in Iowa and Champaign in Illinois, where the median home value is less than $200,000.


The study notes a change from the trend observed during the COVID-19 pandemic, where urban exodus was a constant.

On the other hand, current preferences are leaning towards medium-sized cities, with a population of approximately 200,000 inhabitants, Boston being the largest of those mentioned in the report.

This change in internal migration dynamics in the United States, reflected in MoveBuddha’s analysis, emphasizes a search for destinations that combine quality of life, economic accessibility and cultural richness.

The U.S. citizen is looking for places that are quieter and more open to change, redefining Americans’ residential priorities for the coming years.

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