A Great Friend of Alejandro Fernández Passes Away

A great friend of Alejandro Fernández has passed away, and he couldn’t hide his sadness over the loss of this close companion.

The Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández is in mourning, and he shared his grief on his social media platforms for the departure of Osbaldo Guzmán, one of his dearest friends.

Osbaldo Guzmán, a close friend of Alejandro Fernández, was a member of his team, part of the band, and stood by his side for many years.

“It always hurts when a friend departs, but when a family member leaves, they take a piece of us with them to their final destination. Nevertheless, this individual left us with much more than he took,” he wrote in an Instagram post, accompanied by a photo of his friend.

It’s worth noting that Osbaldo Guzmán was one of the instrumentalists who accompanied Alejandro Fernández in his concerts and recordings of songs in this genre.

Great Friend of Alejandro Fernández: “Thank you”

“Osbaldo: Thank you for bringing a smile to this mariachi and to the music that took us everywhere together. We will miss you, and we will remember you at every moment. We love you, brother,” he added.

Guzmán was not just a great friend of Alejandro Fernández; beyond his professional role, he was part of the singer’s inner circle.

Fernández did not disclose the cause of his friend Osbaldo’s death, but it was reported that he may have been dealing with a serious illness, as the musician had to take a leave of absence last year.

The relationship between Guzmán and Fernández extended for three decades, and the ‘Potrillo’ considered him “a member of his family.”

Hours after announcing his friend’s passing, Alejandro Fernández shared a brief clip of the tribute they paid him during one of their performances. In the video, only a red rose is in focus, and in the background, other musicians can be seen performing the song “Eso y más.”

Vicente Fernández’s son also paid tribute to his friend during a concert at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, United States.

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