¿Who is Sheynnis Palacios?

After Miss Universe, the world wants to know who Sheynnis Palacios is, the Nicaraguan who captured the attention of the judges.

El Salvador hosted the most important beauty pageant globally, the Miss Universe 2023, which crowned the representative of Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios (23 years old).

But who is Sheynnis Palacios? The Nicaraguan became the first Central American to win the competition, where representatives from Latin American countries dominated the top positions.

Among the novelties of the 72nd edition of the contest was the participation of two transgender women, a plus-size woman, and two contestants who were married and had children, Miss Guatemala and Miss Colombia.

This year, 84 women aspired to succeed the American R’Bonney Gabriela (29 years old), the winner of last year’s pageant.

Sheynnis Palacios surprised by becoming one of the favorites of the competition and ultimately succeeded in winning, ahead of the representative of Thailand, Anntonia Porsild, who became the first runner-up.

¿Who is Sheynnis Palacios?

Sheynnis Palacios was born on May 30, 2000, in the Nicaraguan city of Managua. The young woman graduated in Social Communication (journalism) from the Central American University (UCA), where she played volleyball, one of her great passions.

The journalist, who has over 700,000 followers on Instagram, hosts and presents ‘Entiende tu mente’ (Understand Your Mind), a social media program dedicated to mental health that she launched after battling anxiety, aiming to help others.

Palacios’ first opportunity in a beauty pageant came in 2016 when she was only 16 years old. She won the Miss Teen Nicaragua contest, in which she participated again a year later, settling for a place in the Top 10 on that occasion.

At the age of 20, the young model competed for the first time in Miss World Nicaragua and won the crown.

In 2022, after two years canceled due to the pandemic, she represented her country in the Miss World contest and ranked among the 40 most beautiful women in the world.

Sheynnis revealed that her biggest challenge throughout the contest has been anxiety: “I suffer from anxiety attacks, and I say it openly,” she stated.

“I experienced an anxiety attack backstage. However, I knew how to handle it,” she commented. During the Miss Universe question-and-answer segment, Palacios stated that if she had to choose a woman whose place she would like to be in for a day, it would be Mary Wollstonecraft, an English writer, philosopher, and “the first woman to pave the way for women’s rights.”

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