The farewell of Joaquin Sabina: Final Tour

The farewell of Joaquin Sabina is eminent, and he has already announced his tour to offer the best of his talent on stage.

Joaquín Sabina will say goodbye to the big stages with “Hola y adiós”, a tour that will take him to cities all over America starting February 2025.

Joaquín Sabina has decided to go on stage again to say hello for the last time before bringing down the curtain,” says the official statement announcing the 75-year-old artist’s tour.

Joaquín Sabina’s farewell is sad news for many fans of the renowned singer, whose dozens of hits have transcended generations such as “19 días y 500 noches”, “Contigo”, “Y Nos Dieron las Diez” and “Por el Bulevar de los Sueños Rotos”.


The farewell of Joaquin Sabina

Joaquín Sabina’s farewell communiqué explains the singer’s tour, described as a “last emotional knockout of more than two hours long with a score of songs that are already universal prayers”.

The farewell tour of Joaquín Sabina “closes a circle” that already has more than half a century and that began with the first public appearances of Sabina in the London Underground when the Andalusian was self-exiled from Franco’s regime.

It was in England where Sabina, with more than 25 albums to his credit, wrote his first songs, according to his official biography, before his return to Spain in 1977.

Joaquín Sabina’s tour countries

The tour is scheduled to begin in February 2025 in America. Over a period of 11 weeks, Sabina will visit Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

According to the organization, there will then be a short break followed by dates in Spain and Europe. The tour will end in November.

These are the dates that have been announced so far on the official tour website:

  • February 1 – Mexico City
  • February 4th – Mexico City
  • February 7th – Guadalajara
  • February 10th – Mexico City
  • February 12 – Mexico City
  • February 16 – Los Angeles
  • February 19 – Houston
  • February 22 – Miami
  • February 26 – Washington
  • March 1 – New York
  • March 4 – Puerto Rico
  • March 8 – San Jose
  • March 12 – Bogota
  • March 17 – Lima
  • March 21 – Santiago
  • March 24 – Buenos Aires
  • March 26 – Buenos Aires
  • March 29 – Montevideo

Tickets will be on sale soon, says the site, without specifying dates and sales channels. It’s the farewell of Joaquin Sabina.


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