What part of LA is wealthy? 

part of LA is wealthy

The city of entertainment is well known for its luxuries, relationship with the entertainment world, technology companies and the large number of millionaires who live in the area, but do you know What part of LA is wealthy?

Los Angeles is a fairly large city so it has several areas that are distinguished by their differences. While downtown is popular for its streets full of history, its tourist places promise to offer you unforgettable moments, some of its beaches stand out for their fame and several of its neighborhoods are a wonder to behold for their imposing mansions, that is why here we will show you What part of LA is wealthy?

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Find out all about: What part of LA is wealthy?

If you want to visit Los Angeles, California you will surely want to know What part of LA is wealthy? We will tell you which is the richest area and one of the most luxurious places in this beautiful and diverse city:

Bel Air

This neighborhood is definitely considered the part of LA is wealthy and this elegant neighborhood is part of the Golden Triangle, next to Beverly Hill and Holmby Hills and has the most luxurious mansions in the city. Bel Air was created in 1923, after Alphonzo Bell found oil on his farm and bought a large ranch that was eventually divided to build residential lots.

Nowadays this neighborhood is quiet and the protagonist of luxurious properties that have huge plots of land. Among the celebrities who have lived in this residential neighborhood are Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Ronald Reagan.

Besides having imposing mansions, Bel Air does not have tourist attractions, however, it is usually visited by people looking to see the places that appear in their favorite series and movies.

Sunset Boulevard

Another rich area of Los Angeles is the famous Sunset Boulevard, which is 22 miles long and connects the oldest part of the city with the coast of Malibu, so it crosses important districts such as Hollywood, West Hollywood, Bel Air and Beverly Hills.

 part of LA is wealthy

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This area is important for having luxurious fashion stores, restaurants, pubs and famous bars. Sunset Boulevard also has a diversity of comedy clubs such as The Comedy Store, where the great Eddie Murphie became famous.

It also has luxury hotels like the Chateau Marmont. Sunset Strip promises great nightlife experiences so if you visit it you will surely have a great time.

Beverly Hills

This area is one of the most glamorous and well known in Los Angeles worldwide. Beverly Hills, known for its mansions, streets full of elegance and style, and shopping areas that will impress you.

The Beverly Hills area is located near downtown Los Angeles and offers you the opportunity to meet exclusive stores and one or another Hollywood artist, as they usually walk through its elegant streets.

Hollywood Boulevard

Anyone who wants to visit Los Angeles knows Hollywood Boulevard, and this street has emblematic places for the city and the world of show business. It was in 1958 that the Walk of Fame was created and by 1960 the first star of a long collection of them was placed.

Although in the 80’s it acquired a bad reputation because numerous acts of crime and prostitution were reported in the area, it gradually cleaned up its image, especially after the construction of the Hollywood and Highland shopping center and the Dolby Theater.

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Hollywood Boulevard has great relevance nowadays because it gathers important places of the city in a single area, such as the Hollywood Chinese Theater, the Dolby Theater, Ripley’s Museum, Walk of Fame and the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

You already know What part of LA is wealthy? and what are some of the most luxurious and famous areas of Los Angeles, now tell us which of these places you had heard of?

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