Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills? 

Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills

Los Angeles is famous for being a city full of glamour, which is why it has several neighborhoods that stand out for their glamor and imposing mansions. Here we will tell you Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills?

Both Bel Air and Beverly Hills are part of the Golden Triangle and are known for being one of the most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles, in addition to this, most of the artists, musicians and producers of great importance in Hollywood have spectacular properties in one of these neighborhoods.

While Beverly Hills is famous not only for its mansions, but also for its numerous luxury stores dedicated to fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, historically prominent streets and aesthetic centers, Bel Air is considered a luxury residential neighborhood in which its large and stunning mansions stand out. That is why here we will tell you Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills?

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This is everything you need to know about Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills?

Both Beverly Hills and Bel Air are expensive areas in Los Angeles, so despite being quite busy areas (especially Beverly Hills), not everyone can live in them, it is because of this relevance that many people wonder if Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills? The answer is yes, Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills, this is mainly because while Beverly Hills is a commercial area with large mansions, Bel Air is a residential neighborhood with few tourist areas apart from its large mansions. We’ll tell you in more detail about Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills? Here’s what’s next:

Bel Air

This residential neighborhood is located in the hills of Los Angeles and is 19 kilometers west of downtown. Bel Air is considered an elegant community founded by Alphonzo E Beli after getting oil in his farm, as mentioned before, it is part of the Golden Triangle, next to Beverly Hill and Holmby Hills.

In this luxury residential area are the largest mansions that can cost up to 20 million dollars. In addition, being such a glamorous area, many of its inhabitants are part of the Hollywood entertainment industry, such as Taylor Swift, Thalia, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Lana Del Rey, Heidi Klm, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Aniston, Helen Hunt, Danny DeVito; as well as entrepreneurs and former presidents such as Elon Musk and Ronald Reagan, who spent his last days in this residential area.

Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Although many believe that Beverly Hills is part of the city of Los Angeles, it is actually a city located within Los Angeles County, is just at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains and is almost completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles.

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This upscale area of Los Angeles stands out worldwide for its imposing mansions, high-end clothing, jewelry and cosmetics stores and for hosting many of Hollywood’s richest and most famous people.

Among the celebrities living in this Los Angeles County city are Paris Hilton, Madonna, Jack Nicholson and Ellen DeGenres and Portia de Rosi.

Beverly Hills is a luxurious area that you will surely want to visit especially because many are the people who meet their favorite artists in its luxurious streets, due to the fact that Hollywood artists usually live in this city of Los Angeles.

Now that you know the answer Is Bel Air safer than Beverly Hills? Tell us which of these areas of Los Angeles do you want to visit first?

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