What is the hottest job in the US pays $80000?

job in the US pays $80000

For the past few years there has been a new job that has somewhat displaced jobs in the technology sector. In this article we will detail What is the hottest job in the US pays $80000?

For many years the most attractive jobs in the labor market have been those related to the technology sector. It is precisely for this reason that it is curious that the job in the US pays $80000 does not deal with hardware recovery, software development or applications.

Here we will tell you all about the job in the US pays $80,000 and why it is a job that pays so much in the United States.

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You won’t believe what is the job in the US pays $80000

In recent times wind turbine technicians have established themselves as the job in the US pays $80000.

Wind turbine technicians must perform engineering processes related to wind turbine systems, such as installation and maintenance. It should be noted that this type of work is a bit dangerous and perhaps that is why the salary generated by a wind turbine technician is quite substantial.

Its boom has been so exponential that some projections assure that by 2032 in the United States 16,000 new jobs related to the wind energy sector will be generated. This growth is due to the increase of renewable energies in the U.S., which in turn contributes to the growing need for more and more workers in this type of position.

This job in the US pays $80000, also brings other job opportunities related to the area, as is the case of workers who are dedicated to manufacture wind turbines.

It should also be noted that job growth in this type of position is almost assured, as the U.S. government has been introducing several tax incentives to boost the construction of wind towers throughout the country.

It should also be noted that the wind energy market was not disrupted by the pandemic (Covid-19) of a few years ago, which creates more security for those who wish to specialize as wind turbine technicians.

job in the US pays $80000

These are the responsibilities of the job in the US pays $80000

The first thing you should know is that a wind turbine technician in the United States has a base salary, plus various benefits that are addressed in the tasks they perform on a daily basis, the practical work and the trips they must make. After this, we will tell you the responsibilities that a wind turbine technician usually has:

  • They must be responsible for repairing, maintaining and installing wind systems.
  • It is also necessary that they constantly inspect the physical integrity of wind turbine towers.
  • It is essential that they are trained to solve hydraulic and variable speed problems, among others. 
  • Many times they also have to service subway transmission systems, fiber optic control and wind farm substations. 
  • They need to comply with the environmental and health legislation of the locality in which they work.
  • Perform maintenance that is consistent with OEM practices
  • They have to collect data from wind turbines and replace worn or damaged components.
  • Collect data as required in turbine investigations and analysis. 
  • They need to be aware of and committed to installing wind turbine towers onshore or offshore. In turn, they are required to assemble electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment. 
  • In order to provide safety, they must perform safety checks at substations, test blades, turbine control systems and electrical cables.

Steps to work as a wind turbine technician in the U.S.

If you are not in the country, the first thing to do is to apply for an EB3 or EB2 resident visa.

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You must have the necessary courses and certificates to work as a technician in this area.

Practical training is also important, so you should look for suitable places for this type of work in a training period of one year. In addition, some wind turbine technicians increase their experience by participating in internships in order to more easily fulfill the obligations of a position like this. After all this, you can apply for a job as a wind turbine technician.

You already know What is the hottest job in the US pays $80000 Do you want to be part of this booming job in the labor market?

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