Is it hard to find work in USA?

find work in USA

If you are in the United States in search of your American dream you must be wondering if it is hard to find work in USA? We will tell you all about the job search process.

Find work in USA is a process that can be considered cumbersome, so you should look for the best method to find work in USA quickly. Here we will give you the best tips to find work in USA.

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Tips that will help you find work in USA

If you feel that it is very difficult to find work in USA, these tips will help you find it quickly:

Gather all the necessary information to apply for the best job offers

Before you start your job search you will need to gather all the information you need to get the best job offer. Here’s what you need to do to make your job search process easier:

Your work history, this means, you will have to put well your name, dates and location where you worked, in addition, it is necessary that you add what were your responsibilities in the previous job.
Job skills, this is another important point because it is a way to highlight that you are prepared for the position you are applying for.

Education or training, it is necessary to put the name and location of the places where you were educated. We recommend you to evaluate your degree so that it is recognized in the North American country.
Languages, if in addition to English you speak other languages it is good that you highlight it in your resume.

Professional references, it is recommended that you put the contact of some people who worked with you and who speak positively about their work experience with you.

It is necessary that you prove that you can work in the United States, it is recommended that in your resume you include a document that proves that you can legally work in the country, such as a green card, social security card or even a passport.

It should be noted that for some job offers, in addition to preparing your resume, you should have a cover letter.

You must analyze which jobs are right for you.

We recommend you to take some time to analyze the different job offers you get, and that way, you will have a better chance of being hired.

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Search for opportunities online

For some years now, the best way to look for a job is to do it online. You can go to specialized job search websites. Here are some of the most popular ones.


LinkedIn is one of the best websites for job search in the United States. This is a popular network for professionals that has more than 4 million job opportunities.

This network also allows you to establish contact with companies in a simpler way, so if you meet the requirements of the position you want, you will probably get the job easily.


This meta-search engine groups the opportunities of different job portals, so you will save yourself from searching in several job portals.


Believe it or not, Disney is a good option if you want to get a job not only in the United States, but also in Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. This is one of the companies with the biggest job offers, so be encouraged to be part of it.


This web portal is especially recommended for job search as a teacher in North America. In Higheredjobs they have job offers from up to a thousand universities and most of them are from the United States.

United Nations

The UN website may also be useful for your job search. You can apply to work at the New York headquarters. It should be noted that if you manage to get a position at the UN, you will be able to have the G-4 visa, which offers great advantages.


In the United States, this directory site is very popular. It is also the ideal option for people who have a work permit in the country and are looking for a specific job.


This web portal has a section of job search in the United States, there you can find multiple opportunities and tips to find the best employment option.


Indeed is an international job portal that has a job search bar on different websites, so it offers you a wide variety of job offers.


This job search site is much more detailed than most, searching by city, company, profession and category. The most popular jobs are in engineering, teaching and software.

Now you know that even though it can be difficult to find work in USA it is not impossible, you just have to follow the job search tips that we leave you. Do you dare to start your search?

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