Volcán Barú in Panama: A Must-Visit Destination

Volcán Barú in Panama is one of the tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss in this Central American country.

It is a safe destination in the Chiriquí province, with an elevation of 3,474 meters, making it the twelfth highest peak in Central America.

But more than that, Volcán Barú is the only place in the world where, on the clearest days, you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans simultaneously.

Those who visit this natural giant will encounter five different ecosystems thanks to a combination of mountainous regions and tropical rainforests.

Panama’s Volcán Barú is the highest point in the country’s east and offers the best sunrises in the nation.

Currently, the volcano has seven craters and several hiking trails that visitors can explore. Scientifically, Volcán Barú in Panama is considered active as it exhibits increasing seismic activity.

Beyond visiting the volcano’s summit and its trails, it’s worth noting that this crater is part of the Volcán Barú National Park (PNVB), which covers an area of 14,325 hectares and safeguards unique biodiversity in Panama and the region.

As people explore it, they can spot unique bird species like quetzals and toucans, as well as feline species like pumas, the second-largest big cat in the Americas (the largest being the jaguar). Panama is home to six species of wild felines.

In addition to its numerous streams and trails, which provide an opportunity to venture into tropical forests, the habitat of countless orchids and many other endemic plants.

Visiting Volcán Barú in Panama

According to statistics from the Protected Areas section of the MiAmbiente (Ministry of Environment), the PNVB region is the one that has reported the highest number of visitors.

In 2022, approximately 12,545 national and foreign tourists entered, a number that has not surpassed the 2019 figure, when there were 25,239 visits to the park, including the volcano.

According to this institution, only 9,616 tourists were recorded in 2021.

In 2020, there were 11,180 visitors to the park, both years being affected by restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, in 2018, 21,511 visitors entered Volcán Barú National Park, far surpassing the 2017 figure of only 12,561 visitors.

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