The referee of the Super Bowl 2024: Terry Killens

The referee of the Super Bowl 2024 will have a great responsibility in an event that will have relevance and impact, especially for the followers of these two great franchises.

This is the final game of the NFL season, also determining the champion of the season.

The Super Bowl 2024, like every year, will pit the AFC champion against the NFC champion, this time at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, on February 11th.

This will represent the 58th edition (LVIII in Roman numerals) of the event, and will feature Usher as the halftime performer. T

he referee of the Super Bowl 2024, according to the NFL announcement, will be Terry Killens.

The referee of the Super Bowl 2024, Killens will become the first person in history to have played and officiated the NFL’s grand final.

Selected in the third round of the 1996 draft by the Houston Oilers, Killens had a decent seven-year career in the league playing for three franchises.

As mentioned, selected in the draft by the Houston Oilers, Killens was with the franchise from ’96 to ’00, going through the team’s relocation to Tennessee and its renaming to Titans.

In 1999, in the first year after the team’s renaming to Titans, Killens, the referee of the Super Bowl 2024, played in Super Bowl XXXIV in the 23-16 loss to Kurt Warner’s St. Louis Rams.

During his time in Houston/Tennessee, he accumulated 52 total tackles, one sack, and three defended passes in 78 games played (only two started).

The referee of the Super Bowl 2024 would play his last two seasons on the US West Coast. First, he played in San Francisco during the 2001 season and part of 2002, where he accumulated 28 total tackles and two more for loss.

With the season already underway, he would move to the Seattle Seahawks, where in three games he would accumulate only three tackles.

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—Referee of the Super Bowl 2024: his career—

After retiring, he became a referee, at least since 2013, working for the American Athletic Conference.

He will be the referee of the Super Bowl 2024. In March 2019, he was part of the arbitration staff of the short-lived Alliance of American Football league, being part of the team led by Tra Blake.

In April of the same year, it was announced that he would join the NFL staff with number 77, and where he serves as an Umpire, as he did in the AAC and the AAF.

His number belonged to Mike Pereira and Terry McAulay.

The former had a short career as an on-field referee in the NFL, being promoted to arbitration supervisor in ’98, arbitration director in 2001, and vice president of arbitration in 2004, a position he held until 2009.

For his part, McAulay refereed three Super Bowls (XXXIX, XLIII, and XLVIII) and was the arbitration coordinator for the Big East and the subsequent AAC from 2008 to 2017.

“He will make history in this new Super Bowl, and he will enter the record books of this sport.”

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