Checo Pérez is ready in Las Vegas: Aiming for the goal

Checo Pérez is ready in Las Vegas for a historic event that could catapult him towards the best.

In these initial tests, Checo Pérez is prepared in Las Vegas, and the early trials prove it.

On a tumultuous night, Formula 1 had generated much anticipation around its return to Las Vegas after 41 years to compete on an urban circuit built in the city’s Strip area.

But in an unusual turn of events, a manhole cover came loose as the cars passed during the first minutes of the first practice.

This seemingly small detail caused severe damage to Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, also affecting Esteban Ocon’s Alpine and Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo.

To make matters worse, Sainz will face penalties and must start from the pit lane due to necessary car repairs. The situation led to the cancellation of FP1, and FP2 started an hour and a half later than scheduled.

Moreover, it ruined the night for many fans, as the event was held without spectators in the stands due to the organizers’ decision.

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Checo Pérez is ready in Las Vegas

Meanwhile, Checo Pérez is ready in Las Vegas, to the point of being the best in his team. However, the Mexican driver expresses regret for the events.

“I’m really sorry for the fans. I’m sure we can give them a good race, a good race weekend,” Pérez began when analyzing the day.

The stands had a significant presence of Mexican fans in a country with a high Mexican migration.

Regarding the trials, the Red Bull driver set the fourth-best time in the second free practice, behind the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin.

“It was a very difficult day with everything we’ve had this morning (sic). But overall, it’s a positive day, with a lot of information.

We could turn in race pace, and I think that’s positive to prepare for the Grand Prix, and tomorrow preparing for qualifying will be very important,” he commented.

“In general, it’s a challenging place. The grip level is quite low, which makes things much more complicated,” he added.

But the world’s eyes are on Checo Pérez and Lewis Hamilton, as there is nothing else at stake; Red Bull is the champion, and Max Verstappen as well.

In this regard, Checo Pérez is ready for Las Vegas, and regarding the possibilities for the weekend in which he can potentially become the runner-up world champion, Pérez highlighted Ferrari as a rival to watch closely.

“Let’s see tomorrow. I think Ferrari looks very strong, not only in pace. When you look at the images, the onboard cameras, they seem to be able to find something, but I think we’ll be there,” he expressed.

For Checo Pérez to become the runner-up, he only has to achieve one task: finish ahead of Lewis Hamilton to maintain the gap. That’s the goal.

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