The horror film Immaculate starring Sydney Sweeney

The horror film Immaculate starring Sydney Sweeney comes to theaters with the dose of suspense that is needed in theaters of the seventh art.

On this occasion, Immaculate with Sydney Sweeney, considered one of the biggest sex symbols on the screen today, plays the role of a pure and innocent nun.

The horror film Immaculate with Sydney Sweeney uses innocence as a strategy in a horror film that is not necessarily out of the conventional, but is considerably more interesting than many had predicted.

Here, the interpreter of “Euphoria”, “The White Lotus” and “Anyone but You” plays Cecilia, a young American woman who has decided to take her vows and arrives at a convent in the Italian countryside.

In the convent she is received with a natural suspicion due to her physical attractiveness, which is already a point in favor of a script that does not pretend to ignore the beauty of the aforementioned.

The simple fact of being set in the place where it takes place also offers the story a particularly suggestive setting, as well as the opportunity to incorporate some of the most beautiful and popular actresses in Italy today, such as Simona Tabasco (“The White Lotus”) and Benedetta Porcaroli (“Baby”).


The horror film Immaculate starring Sydney Sweeney, Good script?

The horror film Immaculate with Sydney Sweeney is a screenplay by Andrew Lobel, where he gives strong personalities to the characters.

In that sense, what happens next with her, when she is faced with an unexplained pregnancy that her superiors ascribe to a divine act.

More, however, seems to have a much more sinister origin, though it is not as interesting as it should be, and even has the potential to disappoint those who are not convinced by a final twist that takes things down much more mundane paths than expected.

Despite this, the horror film Immaculate with Sydney Sweeney does its best to stand out, even when director Michael Mohan – who had already worked with her on the erotic thriller “The Voyeurs” (2021), as flawed and implausible narratively as it is fascinating visually, beyond its daring nude scenes – gives in to the temptation to sheathe his actress in supposedly chaste but translucent costumes that reveal her celebrated roundness.

Above all, the merits are all Sweeney’s in the climactic moments, especially in the course of one continuous take that showcases the power of her throat and her delivery as a performer to immediately make her a memorable ‘Scream Queen’.


Good handling of tension and terror.

Mohan films with a great sense of space and frequently presents us with images that remain in the retina, such as the one that has a transmuted Cecilia at the center while she looks like a religious painting of the past and the one that focuses on her bulging lips when she is practically forced to kiss the ring of Cardinal Franco Merola (Giorgio Colangeli), the ‘boss of bosses’ of this congregation.

In the opinion of the critics, it would have been better if the filmmaker had not appealed so much to that kind of jump scares that replace the genuine means that should be generated in the face of the circumstances of the story.

And, on the other hand, he should also maintain a coherent tone throughout a film that seems to want to please many different audiences.

In this sense, it has moments that pretend to be realistic, questioning dogmas that do not quite fit, scenes of a brutality typical of productions of another kind and, finally, some turns towards humor and B series that are out of tune with what had been seen before.

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