The Forbes 2023 Cover Will Be Mexican

The Forbes 2023 cover will be Mexican as three prominent figures in Aztec music headline this edition.

The faces of the most successful Mexican singers of the moment—Peso Pluma, Danna Paola, and Alemán—will grace the Forbes 2023 cover, dedicated to Spotify.

The latest edition of the magazine labels these individuals from Jalisco, Mexico City, and Baja California as the ‘Mexican Power’ in the international music industry.

The cover is dedicated to Spotify, a platform experiencing its most significant growth in Mexico, ten years after its launch, thanks to Mexican music.

“The Mexican user consumes 32% more on the platform than the average global user. Mexicans consume a lot of music and many podcasts. We are talking about around 120 minutes a day,” said Mia Nygren, Spotify’s General Manager for Latin America.

The Forbes 2023 cover will be Mexican, a tribute to the broad audience in this country that Forbes couldn’t pass up. Forbes notes that Mexican music is beginning to show its progress not only within the country but beyond its borders.

In this context, Mexican singer Peso Pluma secured the top position on Spotify’s ‘Top 50 Global’ with ‘Ella baila sola,’ becoming the first Mexican to achieve this status.

“I believe we are talking about tripling the amount of Mexican talent that generates more than a million pesos a year (…) Ten years ago, if we looked at the list of the most consumed, the most listened to in Mexico, it was about 60% English content, (created) by Anglo artists. Today, that figure has been reduced,” said Mia.

According to Nygren, now 72% of the most listened to content in Mexico is in Spanish, a phenomenon that is also evident in other Spanish-speaking countries.

In 2022, the income generated by Mexican artists solely through Spotify exceeded four million pesos, more than 3.5 times the amount from five years ago. The number of Mexican artists generating over a million pesos in royalties has nearly tripled since 2017.

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