The cast of the second season of Betty La Fea is unveiled

A trailer showcasing the cast of the second season of Betty La Fea has been released, stirring up emotions and feelings of nostalgia.

The highly-anticipated second season of Betty La Fea is just around the corner, and the trailer has been aired much to the delight of the series’ fans.

Betty La Fea is making a comeback on the small screen two decades after bidding farewell.

The story will continue to follow the romance between Beatriz Pinzón Solano and Armando Mendoza.

Prime Video will broadcast the exclusive series in 2024, bringing back the story of the acclaimed Colombian telenovela “Yo soy Betty, la fea,” with Ana María Orozco (Betty) and Jorge Enrique Abello (Armando) reprising their iconic roles.

Prime Video, which holds the rights to the original telenovela comprising 335 episodes, will premiere this series produced in collaboration with RCN Studios of Colombia in over 240 countries and territories worldwide in 2024.

In the new series, Beatriz Pinzón Solano, Betty, who is still married to her husband Armando Mendoza, rebuilds her relationship with her teenage daughter Mila and tries to navigate the crisis in the family company.

Second season of Betty La Fea: History

Amidst it all, the protagonist questions whether she chose the path that truly made her happy 20 years ago.

Directed by Mauricio Cruz Fortunato (known for “Manes” and “Café con Aroma de Mujer” in 2020) and executive produced by Juan Pablo Posada and Yalile Giordanelli, the series features Orozco and Abello as associate producers and production supervision by Andrés Posada and Ana María Londoño.

“‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ had a wholesome energy with a tremendous impact that this character had on conventional beauty standards, which explains why it became a global franchise that all women could relate to,” said Francisco Morales, who leads the content and acquisition strategy team for Prime Video in Latin America.

Morales stated that it is a collaboration with RCN Studios of Colombia “to bring the evolution of this universally appealing and inspiring story to Prime Video customers worldwide.”

The second season of Betty La Fea will have development and screenwriting by Marta Betoldi, César Betancur, Valeria Gómez, and Luis Carlos Ávila.

After revealing some teasers for the highly anticipated series, the official trailer was released, complete with a stumble from Betty, who appears arm in arm with her husband Armando Mendoza.

Part of the “ugly girls’ squad,” including Hugo Lombardi, Marcela Valencia, and her friend Patricia Fernández, will reappear in the story. The couple’s daughter, Mila, will inject new elements into the narrative, which had a less successful second part titled “Ecomoda.”

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