The 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel: 99% intercepted

The 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel have provoked the meeting of the UN Security Council, raising tensions, while in the Middle East the sides in conflicts are being defined.

Iran’s decision comes after Israel attacked Iran’s headquarters in Syria.

That is why Iran’s attack did not take the Israeli government by surprise; in a way, the 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel are a military response.

On the night of April 13 to April 14, Israel experienced another night of terror, in the midst of an ongoing struggle with Hamas.

On the other hand, the Iranian authorities have terminated this Sunday the unprecedented attack launched early this morning with more than 300 missiles and drones against Israel.

Tehran, however, has threatened “a more forceful response” if retaliation is taken.

But the threats do not stop there, for, in addition, senior Iranian military officials have added that, if the US backs any military action against their country, US bases would also be a target.

The G-7 leaders as well as the United Nations Security Council and the Israeli War Cabinet have convened meetings to discuss the attack launched by Iran against Israel in retaliation for the assassination of seven of its military commanders at the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1.


The 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel: 99% intercepted

The 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel, the army assured that it has intercepted “99%” of the projectiles with the help of its allies.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted of this with a brief message on the social network X (formerly Twitter) with the text.

“We intercept, we block, together we will win.”

This morning, April 14, Israel has reopened the airspace, as well as Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. The White House has condemned the attack and reiterated to Netanyahu the “unwavering support” of the US.

The 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel to the worried gaze of Israeli citizens was trending worldwide.

This response that could provoke a serious escalation in the Gaza War has been carried out in response to an attack on the Syrian consulate that is attributed to Israel.

Although, it is true that most of the missiles have been intercepted in Syrian, Jordanian and Israeli territory, this attack has caused the world to be in alarm.

Hamas took some time to pronounce itself on this attack and they consider the Iranian attack with more than 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel as a “natural right and a deserved response” due to the “crime of attacking the Iranian consulate in Damascus”, they said in a statement.

However, far from taking a position close to moderation, it has called for a violent escalation of the conflict.

Hamas has called on the rest of the Arab countries, “the free peoples of the world and the resistance forces in the region” to continue to support “freedom and independence” for Palestine.

On the other hand, after the 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel, Jordan has confirmed this Sunday that its anti-aircraft defenses intercepted in its airspace “flying objects” that were part of this attack against Israel and has called for “restraint” to both countries, although it has warned that Jordan “will confront everything that endangers security”.


Jordan is at a geopolitical crossroads in the conflict because it borders Iraq and Syria, both pro-Iranian countries.

Meanwhile, amid the 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel, the Hetz-Arrow air defense system played a crucial role in protecting Israeli airspace.

The Hetz-Arrow is part of Israel’s multi-layered defense shield, designed to deal with a variety of threats, from short-range rockets to intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The Arrow system (Hetz in Hebrew, meaning arrow), includes several versions, with the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 being the most advanced in operation.

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