Naval base of Argentina and the United States to be built in Antarctica

A naval base of Argentina and the United States will be built in Antarctica after the Argentine president’s agreement with Joe Biden’s government.

The Argentine government of Javier Milei announced this Friday the development of an integrated naval base together with the U.S., a country with which a “strategic alliance” has been initiated, according to the president.

The naval base of Argentina and the United States seeks a more strategic objective and strengthens Milei’s relationship with the United States.

In a press conference, the presidential spokesman, Manuel Adorni, said that the binational project will become “a development port that will be the closest to Antarctica”.

The Naval base of Argentina and the United States will be located as a gateway to Antarctica.

Although Adorni told the local press that he could not give details about the agreement because he did not have them, he said that the Argentine-U.S. military installation will be “the gateway to the ‘white continent'”.

The spokesman added that this agreement is part of the policy of “integration to the western and developed world” of Milei’s government, and constitutes an “advance to strengthen sovereignty, in view of the invasion of foreign ships which for years had a free hand to plunder” that maritime area.

Naval base of Argentina and the United States

The announcement of the Naval base of Argentina and the United States by Milei’s spokesman took place within the framework of the visit to the country of the head of the U.S. Southern Command, Laura Richardson, who met with the President and other Argentine authorities during a three-day stay.

During an event shared by the President and Richardson in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Milei confirmed his willingness to strengthen the alliance between both countries, in the midst of Washington’s “concern” about China’s presence in the region.

“The best resource to defend our sovereignty is to strengthen our strategic alliance with the U.S. and with all countries that embrace the causes of freedom”, said the libertarian leader in a brief speech next to the U.S. military.

The project to build an integrated naval base near Antarctica had already been initiated by the government of Alberto Fernandez in early 2022, with national financing.


For that reason, the former Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, rejected the announcements through his account on the social network X, and recalled that the initiative of his Government was “100% Argentine” to “strengthen sovereignty in the South Atlantic and to facilitate logistics between Antarctica and the continent, with projection” to the Malvinas Islands.

“All of us who love our homeland and reaffirm every day the full exercise of our sovereignty in Malvinas and in the Argentine Antarctic sector must condemn President Milei’s announcement together with General Richarson about the integrated naval base in Ushuaia,” said Taiana.

The first stage of the construction works of the base was already underway in April 2023, and included the excavations for the construction of the foundations and fairings for the first shed.

“Its strategic geographic location will also allow it to provide logistical services and assistance to other countries sailing in waters near Antarctica and the South Atlantic,” stated a Defense portfolio communiqué published a year ago.

For her part, the Peronist Senator Juliana Di Tullio warned that in order to carry out a binational project in Argentine waters there must be approval from the National Congress.

From the same social network, former President Alberto Fernández expressed his opinion on the Argentine-U.S. naval base as a sign of “servility” expressed by Milei during the act shared with Richardson and his U.S. entourage.

“The Argentine president, talking about ‘territorial expansions’, disguised as a military man together with an authority of the U.S. Army, fills us with shame as a nation. He has given an unnecessary speech that expresses Argentina’s submission to a foreign nation”, said the former head of state.

During the event held in Ushuaia, Milei said that “Argentines as a people” have “a natural affinity with the US”.

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