Japan Grand Prix: Checo Perez on the podium

The Japan Grand Prix once again had Checo Perez on the podium and Max Verstappen winning, something very usual in recent years.

After being left out in Australia, Max Verstappen returned to the podium in Japan in another demonstration of excellent driving technique.

The Suzuka circuit, known for its technical challenge and demanding corners, witnessed another thrilling chapter of the Formula 1 World Championship.

The Japan Grand Prix saw Red Bull’s Dutchman Max Verstappen take an impressive victory at the Japanese Grand Prix.

A day that was marked by tense moments, including a collision between Daniel Ricciardo and Alexander Albon that forced the action to be interrupted.

Likewise, an unusual maneuver by Williams’ Logan Sargeant when he drove a few meters in reverse in the middle of the track.

The Japan Grand Prix, with Checo Perez on the podium, was interrupted at the start with a red flag due to the accident -without major physical consequences- of Australian Daniel Ricciardo (RB) and Thai Alex Albon (Williams) in the third turn of the 18 corners of the circuit.

Both drivers collided resulting in significant damage to their cars and the need to remove the cars from the track.


Japan Grand Prix with red flag

The red flag was waved until the cars could be removed from the track and the damage to the crash barriers could be repaired. The race resumed, without them, from the grid.

Speaking after the incident, Ricciardo explained that he thought about passing but touched the rear of Albon’s car.

Ricciardo said: “When I started coming into Turn 3, Albon was there. I saw his (camera) on board. I don’t even know if he wanted to be there. But his traction was much better on the soft and I was thinking ‘well, there’s room,’ until there was, I didn’t see it. I always assume that maybe there’s someone there, it’s the first lap, so I never tried to use the full width of the track and be completely oblivious. But obviously there wasn’t enough room,” Ricciardo said.

Despite the mishap, the Australian driver downplayed the significance of the crash, considering it as part of the eventualities of racing.

At the restart of the race, Red Bull’s Dutchman, from pole, and his teammate started again from the front row, with Spaniards Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) in fourth and fifth on the grid, respectively; just behind England’s Lando Norris (McLaren), who restarted from third place in a race with a total of 53 laps to complete 307.7 kilometers.

Before the defending champion crossed the finish line at the Japanese Grand Prix, an unusual episode was to occur with the 23-year-old driver, Logan Sargeant, who on lap 42, of the 53 laps, surprised more than one by driving in reverse in the middle of the track.

“He’s going backwards, it’s very dangerous,” considered the commentators on the official broadcast. It could even be seen how Fernando Alonso passed him very close while he was doing that maneuver.

As for the race, Verstappen, 26, showed his skill and determination as he crossed the finish line in first place, closely followed by Checo Pérez, with another podium finish, and regained second place in the championship.

The podium Japan Grand Prix was completed by Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz of Spain, who once again demonstrated his skill on the Japanese track.

Mad Max scored his 57th Formula 1 victory, further consolidating Red Bull’s dominance this season.

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