Is San Diego a foodie city?

San Diego is a foodie city

San Diego is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California, and besides being the second most populous city in the golden state, is very close to the border with Mexico so San Diego a foodie city, which offers a fusion of Mexican and American food.

The culinary mix that has this city leaves many impressed and is that their dishes are made with organic ingredients that make each of their meals make San Diego a foodie city.

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This is the reason why San Diego a foodie city

San Diego a foodie city because it embraces a variety of cultures that make its typical foods have a unique characteristic stamp.

Here we explain which are the dishes that make San Diego a foodie city:

Taco culture

In San Diego, tacos are part of its culture and best of all, you’ll get them in the best Mexican style. Among the most popular is the fish taco, which is the perfect combination of the typical food of California and Baja California.

This taco is a Mexican classic with fish and a touch of seafood that makes it a fantastic option. They also offer it with delicious garnishes such as shredded cabbage and pico de gallo.

San Diego a foodie city

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In San Diego they are also fans of tortillas and rice with spicy chorizo.


This luxurious food is very popular in California and is one of the dishes that make San Diego a foodie city.

In any restaurant in the city you can try many dishes based on oysters and this is a city by the sea.

Among the most popular are Baja style oysters served with garlic, chili and fresh lime and oysters Rockefeller, which are baked with parsley, bread crumbs, green herbs and butter.

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Clam Chowder

Although this New England version of clam chowder originated in San Francisco, it is one of San Diego’s most popular dishes.

San Diego a foodie city

It’s made with clams, onions, and potatoes and served in a bowl of sourdough bread, which means you can dip your freshly baked bread in rich clam chowder.

Their craft beer

Another reason why San Diego a foodie city, are their rich craft beers, which have even won international awards. And it is for that reason that they have several bars dedicated to their incredible beer.

Carne asada burrito

Another of San Diego’s native dishes that make it a gastronomic city is the carne asada burrito, also known as California-style burritos, which is composed of a grilled toasted flour tortilla with thin strips of marinated steak.

It is composed of a grilled toasted flour tortilla with thin strips of marinated steak, in addition, chunks of guacamole, sour cream and french fries are added.

Sushi Burritos

The sushi burrito is a fusion of Japanese and American food.

The sushi burrito is not cut into small pieces, it is more like a long roll, to which fresh vegetables, fish, tempura shrimp, teriyaki chicken, spicy tuna are added. All this is wrapped in seaweed and packaged as a burrito.

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Sea urchins

Sea urchins, also known as uni, are a traditional food of this city. The taste of this dish resembles butter when the shells are removed and they are usually eaten with a glass of wine.

Now that you know that San Diego is a foodie city, would you like to try its multicultural dishes?

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