Exploring Traditional Mexican Breakfast Dishes: A Culinary Journey

Mexican breakfast dishes are a tasting of Mexican gastronomy, as they result from the combination of many flavors.

For a long time we have heard that gastronomy has become very varied, but the reality is that, despite the additions, Mexican breakfast dishes are a sample of tradition and colors.

An enchilada, a tortilla, the eggs that are not missing, some kind of bread seasoned with sauce that are spicy, are par excellence, common places in a Mexican breakfast. 

Mexican breakfast dishes can be adapted according to taste and region, also taking into account the amount of energy, nutrients and vitamins it provides.


In the streets, among the Mexican breakfast dishes we can recognize the chilaquiles (or tortas de chilaquiles), the egg in all its presentations, the stew tacos, tamales (also in cake) and the classic quesadillas that we can find anywhere, all this with a coffee in hand, a smoothie, or a glass of juice and even a chocolate atol.

What’s on Mexican breakfast plates?

In Mexican breakfast dishes it is normal to find corn, beans and chili, as the basic ingredients of Mexican cuisine.

Mexican breakfast dishes are characterized, as all the dishes of its traditional Mexican cuisine, for being delicious and keeping several millenary ingredients in their easy recipes, which gives them a traditional touch at the moment of their preparation.

Every walk in the street in the morning hours will give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Perhaps a taco is the common place for many people in the world, but as it turns out, there is nothing more popular than chilaquiles in torta.

More, however, you may see tamales and quesadillas, but in households, it all depends on the family and their income.

In many homes it is just bread with eggs and coffee, and a few extra ingredients.

Mexican breakfast dishes:

In this brief guide, we will tell you some Mexican breakfast dishes that are popular, and the most recognized.

Chilaquiles in torta

One of the Mexican breakfast dishes are the chilaquiles en torta, every day its popularity increases every day, and constitutes a fixed, especially those who spend a lot of time away from home for work.

A chilaquil en torta is a sandwich with the typical sofrito de chilaquiles, which has its variations, according to the place or region.

Chilaquiles tortas, also known as “Tecolota”, is a typical dish from central Mexico, as well as the tamale torta, which consists of a cloth filled with chilaquiles (either red or green) and beans with other ingredients.

There are places that are very famous for finding a chilaquiles torta, such as La Esquina del Chilaquil.

Chilaquiles are a typical Mexican dish made with tortilla chips that are cooked in a spicy sauce, either red or green depending on the type of chile used.

So, yes, the chilaquiles torta is a bread filled with another traditional Mexican recipe. Therefore, they will be either green or red, depending on the base recipe.

So, what you can add to that bread with the chilaquil, is each person’s preference, taste and stomach.

Mexican huevos rancheros

Another Mexican breakfast dish is huevos rancheros, a very particular way of serving the classic fried egg.

Eggs rancheros are a mainstay of Mexican breakfasts and can be served with any carbohydrate.

This delicious recipe combines fried eggs served on warm tortillas, usually accompanied by salsa and refried beans.

Its simplicity does not detract from its richness, as each ingredient contributes a distinctive and unique flavor.

Some people add special extras, such as avocado, and even chili peppers.

Although it is worth mentioning that this recipe, although used in some tables as breakfast, it is usually a dish to be served at lunch.


Tamales in the Mexican Breakfast

The tamale is like a corn flour bread that is wrapped in vegetable leaves such as corn cob or banana leaves.

The traditional tamale in Mexico is wrapped in corncob leaves, although some people make it with green banana leaves.

On the corn dough, there is a great variety of flavors: the traditional one with green sauce or red sauce; the sweet Oaxacan ones, originally only pink and now with a great variety of fillings and flavors, such as guava, pineapple and blackberry, among others.

So the variety will depend on the tastes of each region; since it is also sold in many places in an ambulant way.

In many stores the dough is already prepared, you just have to roll it out and add the filling according to your taste.

Sweet bread in Mexico

In Mexican breakfast dishes, there is no shortage of sweet bread; a companion in the various breakfast options.

Shells, donuts, whiskers, buns and many others, Mexican sweet bread is part of the country’s identity and has an important cultural and historical significance.

There are many typical Mexican breads, but there is one that is considered the richest, at least by international experts.

One of the sweet breads in Mexico is the marranitos, without a doubt, they have an enormous popularity.

Marranitos, also known as puerquitos or cochinitos, are a type of traditional sweet bread in Mexico.

They are characterized by their shape reminiscent of a little pig, which gives them their name. This sweet bread is popular in bakeries and markets throughout the country, including Mexico City.

Atole and champurrado

A coffee is most likely the most normal accompaniment, but the most traditional is an atol or a champurrado, a very Mexican breakfast drink.

Next to the Mexican breakfast dishes there is usually an atol or a coffee, it can also be a champurrado.

An atol, originally, is a sugary cooking of corn flour in water with a moderate viscosity and a certain thickness.

The original recipe has changed over time and nowadays aromatic spices are added to improve the flavor.

While the champurrado is an atole made with corn and chocolate, a drink that has its origins in the Aztec culture and that besides being delicious is very nutritious.

It is drunk a lot during the winter season, although that is not a limiting factor.

Breakfasts by region

Mexican breakfast dishes may vary according to region, such as:

Breakfasts of Northern Mexico

In the north of Mexico the Mexican breakfast dishes are very similar, but the discada is a typical dish from the north of Mexico, where it is prepared in the afternoons to have a nice time with family or friends, like a kind of Mexican barbecue.

The name of this stew comes from the pan where it will be prepared, a large and deep disk in which the ingredients are added a little at a time to go shore them as they are cooking, so they stay hot without burning, because the heat is concentrated in the center.

So that discada goes with any food that is suitable for breakfast.

Yucatecan breakfasts

Yucatecan breakfasts, on the other hand, are a bit different from the northern breakfasts.

It is common to see breakfasts such as panuchos, which are filled with stews, cochinita pibil or chicken.

There are also eggs with Longaniza, a typical dish of Mexican gastronomy that is usually prepared at breakfast in most homes in the country, especially in Yucatan.

The frijol colado bean is another accompaniment in the Mexican breakfast dishes that come from Yucatan, and add that importance of the bean in every meal.

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