Is Chicago a nice city to live in?

Chicago a nice city

If you like big and crowded cities, you will love the so-called Windy city, but is Chicago a nice city to live in? Here we will tell you all about this city located in the state of Illinois.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and also has the reputation of being somewhat expensive to live in. In addition, it is one of the cities that offers more opportunities to foreigners, so every year it welcomes thousands of immigrants who are looking for work and a better quality of life.

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But is Chicago a nice city to live in? We will detail the advantages of living in this place, so you can decide if you really want to fulfill your dream of living in Chicago.

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All the details you need to know about Is Chicago a nice city to live to live in

The Second city or Windy city is located in the state of Illinois, on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, and is considered the third most populated city in the entire country, after New York and Los Angeles. It should also be noted that Chicago is the largest city in the United States, within its continental portion, which is part of Chicagoland, a so-called conurbation made up of outlying counties.

If you are wondering if Chicago is a nice city to live in? These advantages of the city will let you know:

It enjoys an excellent public transportation system

In Chicago it is not necessary to have your own vehicle to move around, and they offer several public transportation options, so you can reach any part of the city without any problem.

They have trains, buses and their bike paths are very well organized, so if you want to ride a bike in Chicago you can do it without any problem and if you do not have one, the government made available many of them.

Chicago a nice city

It has a varied and exquisite gastronomy.

One of the reasons why Chicago is a nice city is because of its varied and renowned gastronomy. You can enjoy delicious hot dogs and pizza in the best Chicago style. In addition, among its most popular dishes there are several that are part of other cultures, and there are many world-class restaurants that enjoy Michelin stars.

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Sports fans love to live in Chicago

The windy city is one of the most popular sports cities in the United States. You can enjoy NBA, MLB, NFL and many other sporting events in the city, and most of its residents play sports.

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There are no time limits in this city

Another reason why Chicago is a nice city is that there are always stores open, so you will never have to rush out of town because they will close down a store you want to go to after work or a meeting.

You will live incredible experiences for its traditions and striking places.

One of the most incredible traditions of Chicago is the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day, the locals and foreigners who attend the event pour green ink into the river of the same name of the city, and then celebrate the day.

They also have a variety of musical festivities and have many outdoor venues and incredible architecture that you can enjoy through architectural tours by boat, kayak and even helicopter.

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We recommend you to visit the three most imposing buildings in Chicago that we will mention below:

  • Wrigley Building
  • Trump International Hotel & Tower
  • Willis Tower
Chicago a nice city

Now that you know Is Chicago a nice city to live in? Do you dare to live in this beautiful city?

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