Is $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago?

good salary in Chicago

Chicago is one of the favorite cities for those who want to change their lifestyle, that is why if you decide to emigrate it is good that you find out all the details of your destination and one of the essential questions is Is $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago? Here we talk about it.

The first thing you have to know is that the windy city is quite expensive, and the price of food, clothes, medicine and taxes is high. That is why we will tell you IS $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago?

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Here is everything you need to know about Is $100 000 use a good salary in Chicago

If you are wondering, IS $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago? You should keep in mind that despite the cost of living in Chicago, its inhabitants enjoy good salaries and earn approximately 15 dollars per hour.

On the other hand, according to SmartAsset, a financial technology company, determined that U.S. citizens in Chicago and throughout the country need an average after-tax income of $68,499 to be able to live comfortably, if you are a single person without children.

It is important to note that a comfortable lifestyle is directly related to those people who manage to spend 50% of their after-tax income on basic expenses and necessities, while 30% of their expenses can be used to spend on their desires and 20% on saving and even paying off debts.

So, if you ask yourself Is $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago? The answer is yes, Is $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago, yes it is a good salary to be able to live peacefully in the windy city.

We detail how much it costs to live in Chicago

Now that you know that it is possible to live Is $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago, we will detail how much it costs to live in Chicago:


Normally the rent of an apartment in Chicago with three rooms has an approximate monthly cost of 1,630 dollars. For those who do not have this money, the best option is to rent only one room, which is around 600 dollars per month.

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On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account basic utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Normally the monthly bill for these services is $130 to $180, depending on your consumption.

good salary in Chicago


Normally in Chicago one spends 320 dollars per month in food and the prices of products in supermarkets are a little high, for example, a liter and a half of water is 1.94 dollars, a kilo of cheese at 10.96, a kilo of beef at 11.83 dollars, a loaf of bread of 500gr at 2.84 dollars, a dozen eggs at 2.25 dollars, white rice at 3.84 dollars and fruit such as orange at 3.03 dollars per kilo.

In addition, enjoying Chicago’s delicious gastronomy in a restaurant ranges between 15, 20 and 45 dollars.


Transportation is also expensive in Chicago and people can move around the city spending approximately 240 dollars, this if you have a car and you have to do maintenance, insurance, gasoline and yes, also for the use of public transportation. However, in Chicago the government has done a lot to offer good public transportation and its train, buses and bicycles for rent offer a good service.


The cost of a phone plan with unlimited calls and messages plus 15 GB to surf the internet is from 15 to 30 dollars. On the other hand, if you want to have internet at home you will have to pay between 55 to 65 dollars.

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All this leads us to conclude that if you want to live comfortably in the windy city you need to earn between 2,180 to 2,560 per month and in relation to the question Is $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago? Yes you can live well if you earn that amount of money in Chicago.

Now that you know Is $100 000 usd a good salary in Chicago, do you want to live in Chicago?

good salary in Chicago

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